139 Times People Spotted ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things And Had To Share Them With Everyone Online (New Pics)

139 Times People Spotted ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things And Had To Share Them With Everyone Online (New Pics)

When we keep getting bombarded by the 24/7 news cycle full of daunting headlines and fascinating stories, it’s easy to feel overloaded with information. Suddenly, you become weary, confused, and convinced nothing will surprise you anymore. But if that’s the case, this post is here to show you there are plenty of inspiring things happening in the world as well.

There’s one absolutely delightful corner on the internet that consistently amazes us every day. Yup, we’re talking about the Mildly Interesting subreddit. This powerhouse with over 19.8M members is on a mission to document and share entertaining things from their daily routines to make everyone’s jaws drop. Mildly.

We can never get enough of this fine line between the mind-blowing and the boring, just take a look at our earlier compilations here, here, and here. So we thought it was time to comb the page and round up the newest feature of their best latest photos. Continue scrolling, upvote your favorites as you go, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

#1 This Pet Shop Doesn’t Sell Bunnies At Easter

Image credits: TheDampTeacloth

#2 My Chickens Greeting Me When I Come Home From Work

Image credits: eagledragonblood

#3 I Traced Around My Vitiligo Spots

Image credits: oldmate-58

#4 One Of My Friends Deleted Social Media And Is Attempting To Stay In Contact Via Mail…

Image credits: BrittanyBabbles

#5 If You Ever Meet Steve Martin By Chance, He Gives You A Card As Proof You Met Him

Image credits: Monkeytitan

#6 Came Across A Typewriter For Writing Music

Image credits: tachoknight

#7 The Indian 1 Rupee Coin Just Has A Dude Giving A Thumbs Up On It

Image credits: Markisworking

#8 Thickness Of Ice On My Windshield In Romania

Image credits: AndrewwwG

#9 My Dad Wrote Isaac Asimov A Question When He Was Young And Asimov Took The Time To Answer Him

Image credits: tomboski

#10 Security Camera Inside The Car Wash Is Equipped With A Squeegee Wiper

Image credits: BayYawnSay

#11 A Doll With Down Syndrome Sold At A Big-Box Store

Image credits: Zombait

#12 The Book I Borrowed Was Last Lended 41 Years Ago

Image credits: Gandalf_the_almighty

#13 Thumbs Up Burn On A Up Thumb

Image credits: MrPenguinD

#14 My Dishwasher Projects The Time Remaining On The Floor Because It Doesn’t Have A Visible Front Panel

Image credits: SailAway56

#15 I Have Been Keeping A Collection Of The Tiny Balls In Pen Ink Cartridges Since Middle School

Image credits: lily_hunts

#16 My Leggings Matched The Chair At The Vacation Rental

Image credits: EmeraldOwl11

#17 My Local Gym Gave The Handicap Drawing A Noticeable Bicep

Image credits: Davicitorra

#18 Cardboard Rings For This 6 Pack Instead Of The Plastic Ones

Image credits: thehow2dad

#19 This Burn On My Finger Doesn’t Get Dirty

Image credits: Philly_cheapskate

#20 My Drain Was Blocked So I Pulled It Up And A Frog Came Out

Image credits: infinaflip

#21 Today The Sky In Murcia, Spain, Turned Orange Because Of Dust From The Sahara

Image credits: Nightrach

#22 My $1 Inheritance Check

Image credits: marzirose

#23 There’s A Dried Flower In This 165 Years Old Latin Book I Just Found In Our Attic

Image credits: yepjeeway

#24 The Sun Reflecting Off My Side Mirror Melted A Mirror-Shaped Hole In The Frost On The Window

Image credits: stoptye

#25 My Dad Found Apples In Tomato Boxes Labeled As Blueberries

Image credits: bigbrothersrule

#26 My Gardening Tool Kit Came With A Claw Glove

Image credits: Shrimpio

#27 Family Heirloom Watch That Was Passed Down To Me. Traces Of The Family Photo Carried On The Back Are Still Visible

Image credits: IncandescentSquid

#28 My Mug Is Sweating Tea Through The Cracks In The Ceramic

Image credits: spky_

#29 This Guy Makes Pizza Using Volcanic Vents On The Volcán De Pacaya In Guatemala

Image credits: Yellowman230

#30 I’m At A Townie Bar In Rural Wisconsin, They Have A Headrest At The Urinals In The Men’s Room

Image credits: MilmoWK

#31 The Person Who Lived In My Apartment Before Me Planted Pineapples

Image credits: Early_Gold_9715

#32 A Bat Flew Into My Room And It's Now Chilling On My Couch

Image credits: Cultural-Equipment68

#33 The Trains In Japan Have Women Only Cars

Image credits: DEEP_SEA_MAX

#34 Portuguese Man O' War Stinging Tentacle Wrapped Around My Ankle

Image credits: CatioDaddio

#35 The Way The Pillar In My Home Split The Light Ray Into Only The Color Indigo

Image credits: DiSforza

#36 A German Supermarket Pulled All The Russian Products In Its Russian Aisle And Replaced Them With Sunflower Seeds

Image credits: thedubiousstylus

#37 In 1994, I Paid $4060 For A 9 Gig Drive

Image credits: chipdipper99

#38 I Found A Roman Coin While Out Walking

Image credits: Demongeeks8

#39 I Made An Alphabet By Carefully Eating Parts Of Pretzels

Image credits: ziggyziggystardust

#40 This Book Uses A Drawing Of A Baby With Vitiligo

Image credits: Kickincutie

#41 A Dedicated Bench For Jim, Some Miles Into A Hiking Trail

Image credits: Kahluma

#42 This Pizza Place In Japan Has Been Counting Pizzas For 60 Years

Image credits: hyogodan

#43 My Husbands Uncles Have Used The Same Birthday Card Since 1974

Image credits: Zeezee772

#44 This Ac Cover Causes Optical Illusion

Image credits: oliviakim_3874

#45 A Stop Sign In My Town Is So Old It's Become A Death Metal Band Logo

Image credits: FalconerGuitars

#46 The Other Side Of A Fast Food Soda Fountain

Image credits: trashd0gs

#47 These Bubbles In Shape Of The Spoon

Image credits: Leprajalkahiiri

#48 Shooting A Laser Through The Transparent Maple Leaf On Canadian Currency Projects The Value On The Wall

Image credits: pyroboy7

#49 These Crisps Tell You The Name Of The Person Who Made Them

Image credits: MustardKingCustard

#50 These Letters And Numbers Are Invisible On My Lenses, But Cast Shadows

Image credits: GrandPriapus

#51 My Thick Glasses Lenses Look Like Ice Cubes

Image credits: p1ng74

#52 My Completely Obsolete Dvd Collection

Image credits: beastmodeChadF13

#53 Beer Where The Label Matches The Location

Image credits: ecksdee007

#54 My Left Eye Grows A Single, Fragile Grey Eyelash That Grows As Long As I Let It

Image credits: deityfreeme

#55 A Spot Where An Mta (From NY) Worker Stands When A Train Is About To Come

Image credits: Pyrotechnic17

#56 The Vet Put A Warning On My Dogs Medicine For Him Not To Operate Heavy Machinery Or Drive While Affected

Image credits: GreyCatOrangeBeard

#57 My Egg Had Triplets

Image credits: presidentkangaroo

#58 This Bus Stop Advertisement Was Taken Out Of Its Case, Vandalised And Then Placed Back In Its Case

Image credits: TheEnglishMouse

#59 USA Fanta vs. UK Fanta

Image credits: RRR-Craigyroo

#60 My Friend's Outfit Exactly Matched My Coffee Cup Today

Image credits: Brentusfirmus

#61 Bus Interior Made To Look Like A Forest

Image credits: jyrisa

#62 Asked For Extra Pickles And Got 25

Image credits: lostcrafts

#63 This Packet Of Sponges Came With A Free Hedgehog

Image credits: Changmeister888

#64 My Little Brother Put A Stamp And Address On A Mini Chocolate Bar, And It Actually Arrived

Image credits: Blaze_News

#65 My Treadmill Kicked All The Dirt From My Shoes Into A "Heavy" And A "Light" Pile

Image credits: caprianna

#66 I Bowled At A Vintage Alley Where Actual People Reset The Pins And Roll The Bowling Balls Back. The Scores Are Kept On Glass And Projected Above

Image credits: cotxscott

#67 The Sun Is Making My Door Feel Exclamatory Today

Image credits: SamtheMan898

#68 Mcdonald’s In The Netherlands Now Serve Drinks With A Cardboard Lid Instead Of A Plastic Lid

Image credits: iF2ix

#69 My Coworkers Phone Cord Made A Treble Clef

Image credits: ScroogeMcDuq

#70 Flavor Distribution Of Jolly Ranchers In My 7oz Bag

Image credits: Lightgod86

#71 An Egg Timer That Shows You How Hard Your Egg Is By Cooking It With The Egg

Image credits: cizzoo

#72 Parent's Dog On Near Identical Rug

Image credits: Psydreus

#73 A Tree Stump Built Into A Staircase

Image credits: Diggingpack8580

#74 This "Built-In" Eavesthrough I Saw

Image credits: JKLCS

#75 A Letter To Humans Of The Future On The Site Of Iceland's First Dead Glacier

Image credits: Lord_Balconyham

#76 Table Hockey Puck After About Four And A Half Years Of Playing. New One On The Left For Comparison

Image credits: fjontos

#77 The Instructions On My Oatmeal Say To Cook It Longer In The French Translation

Image credits: IGotTheDud

#78 Fiji Uses A Seven Dollar Note As Legal Tender

Image credits: Tpdz

#79 What A Chocolate Bunny Wrapping Paper Looks Like Unwrapped

Image credits: kirkbot

#80 The Way This Snow Curled Off My Chair

Image credits: dilzmo

#81 The Batch Number On This Cold Medicine Is The Same As My User Name

Image credits: Adc500

#82 Food Is Allowed In The Library At My College

Image credits: paradoxinfinity

#83 This Sign At An Illinois Rest Stop Encouraging People Not To Bully Someone For Wearing A Mask

Image credits: YoungRestless21

#84 This Stack Of Papers Kinda Looks Like Master Shake

Image credits: noonelikesyou2

#85 This Add-On Camera For My Cell Phone Back In The Day

Image credits: KingPin300-1976

#86 The Sinks Inside The Le Creuset Headquarters Are Dutch Ovens

Image credits: BabyDaddy9000

#87 I Saw My Door In A Book

Image credits: Fashion__ThrowAway

#88 Came Home Today And Found This Bird On My Balcony Chair Fully Equipped With Nest And Egg

Image credits: eoc1994

#89 I Was In A Motorcycle Accident And My Gear Did Such A Good Job That My Only Skin Injury Was A Knee Armor Imprint

Image credits: zogmuffin

#90 Making Door Trim And Found A Hunter's Long Lost Bullet

Image credits: Dovetrail

#91 There Was A Billiard Ball Inside Of My Bocce Ball

Image credits: TheRealPinballWizard

#92 One Of My Twix Was Not Dipped In Chocolate

Image credits: akbane

#93 My Gin And Tonic Glows Bright Blue Under Black Light

Image credits: chocolatewaltz

#94 My Tests Fade As I Get Better

Image credits: sophschmoph

#95 This Urinal Making For A Pee-Free Floor At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_S62B50

#96 The Scratched Paint On Our Bathroom Wall Looks Like A Face With A Big Pointy Nose

Image credits: TheKatkaRapu

#97 A Huge Swarm Of Ground Wasps Moved In Overnight

Image credits: catfun4ever

#98 A Little Girl In My Sons Kindergarten Class Made Everyone Handmade Soap For Valentine's Day

Image credits: my_milkshakes

#99 $320 Pesos ( $16 Dollars) Of Vegetables And Fruits Here In México

Image credits: Gerazioio

#100 My Skin Raises Where I Trace My Finger Over It

Image credits: bulmeurt

#101 I Have An Extra Tooth On The Roof Of My Mouth!

Image credits: Ima_Dimma_Do_Ya_Mam

#102 My Frenchie’s A** Looks Like A Koala

Image credits: 123givemeabreak

#103 I Found An Old Beanie Baby Price Guide, And Each Beanie Has An Estimated 10-Year Future Value

Image credits: monkey616

#104 Actual Cashews With The Nut On Top In A Brazilian Supermarket

Image credits: punkrawke

#105 This Butcher Has A Vending Machine For After Hours

Image credits: AusJonny

#106 The Difference Between These Two Cans Of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti Manufactured One Day Apart

Image credits: sniper257

#107 This Is Plymouth Rock

Image credits: catbehindbars

#108 The Supermarket I'm In Puts An Anti-Theft Device On Every Energy Drink

Image credits: _ImpersonalJesus_

#109 American Candy According To A UK Petrol Station

Image credits: OddSmellingJuice

#110 I Found My Two First Modems In The Shed

Image credits: cccmikey

#111 Truck Converted Tesla I Saw On The Way Home

Image credits: retrotable

#112 My Mother Made A Framed Sheet To Help Me Do Laundry More

Image credits: R0b0_is_deth

#113 72 Carat Tourmaline

Image credits: TheDiceMan2

#114 The Never Stick Logo Off My Pan Didn’t Stick

Image credits: mykie206

#115 Fresh Wolf Print I Came Across While Lost In Denali, Alaska

Image credits: popebologna

#116 I Zipped My Jacket To My Hoodie Perfectly Without Realising

Image credits: IamAL3gend

#117 Peeled Citrus Fruits

Image credits: Papyrophobia

#118 This Little Vw Van

Image credits: manica53

#119 My "Steel" Toed Boots Are Actually A Hard Plastic

Image credits: avces

#120 Floor Heating In My Brothers House

Image credits: nelsonboi8

#121 This Snow Castle In Someone’s Front Yard

Image credits: Unapologetic_Canuck

#122 This Enormous Hex Key.

Image credits: Chablonski

#123 These Round Dice

Image credits: kalvinoz

#124 I Made A Miniature Version Of My Covid Depression Room For My Senior Art Project

Image credits: bigmansmallcar

#125 In The Netherlands There Are Beer Couriers So Students Can Order Large Volumes Without Having To Get Them From The Shops

Image credits: AlpineHelix

#126 The Last Of The Early 00’s Nickelodeon Wrapping Paper

Image credits: Professional-Kick354

#127 A Bar I Went To Renamed The Moscow Mule To Kiev Mule

Image credits: Hendrik1011

#128 My Right Hand Has A Single Crease, Which Goes From Left To Right Without Breaking

Image credits: crewza

#129 My Movie Theater Appears To Be Buying Candy In Bulk And Portioning It Themselves

Image credits: JBFRESHSKILLS

#130 Dental Light Looks Like A Water Buffalo

Image credits: data_raven

#131 I Got Three Fortune Cookies Baked Into One

Image credits: Quickshote

#132 My Economy Seat Had Bonus Leg Room

Image credits: tm12585

#133 0 Euro Bill To Commemorate The 20 Years Of The Euro

Image credits: flopjul

#134 The Buttons That Contain The Numbers For This Door Code Are Significantly Faded

Image credits: dudeveau

#135 Recieved A Gift Voucher For Christmas That Is Valid For 1000 Years

Image credits: iamgdaly

#136 Our Local Toy’s ‘R’ Us Became A Gun Store But Kept The Designs

Image credits: AgentOfEarth616

#137 My School Is Serving These Massive Straight Bananas (About 12 Inches)

Image credits: TankC4BOOM314

#138 This 2-Inch Gray Hair Protruding From My Forehead

Image credits: w11

#139 Febreze Bottle With Bottom Part Removed

Image credits: SAM041287

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