134 Parents Having A Pretty Miserable Day (New Pics)

134 Parents Having A Pretty Miserable Day (New Pics)

Have kids, they said, it will be fun, they said. And when it happens, utter craziness ensues and there’s no emergency exit to go through.

You see, being a parent takes you on a life adventure like no other. And while it’s hard to put in words all the ups and downs of what it's like to raise little daredevils, Bored Panda wrapped up some real-life examples captured on camera that show it as it is.

Mostly absolutely wholesome, sometimes truly crazy, and in other instances, pretty challenging, parenting is not for the faint-hearted, but it surely fills up your heart unlike anything else.

#1 Two-Year-Old Daughter Bathes Daddy's Laptop In Soap And Water Because It's "Too Dirty"

Image credits: PeecockPrince

#2 She's Going To See A Cow Today

Image credits: ayoobrennan

#3 It Makes 1 Hour That They're Looking For Their Car Keys That Their Kid Buried Inside The Sand

Image credits: Deimos_PRK

#4 I Bought My Kid A Drone For Christmas, The Wife Doesn't Love It

Image credits: Cichlidsaremyjam

#5 I Thought I Lost $350 And Then Three Months Later I Found It In My Four-Year-Old's Room

Image credits: Bigmacleafs14

#6 No More Animals In The House

Image credits: i_miss_the_days

#7 It Was At Exactly This Moment That My Son Realized His Mistake

Image credits: frisbm3

#8 My Daughter Had My Wife’s Phone On A Long Car Ride. She Ordered All The Barbie Dream Houses From Amazon

Image credits: NinkovichPlease

#9 The Kid Wanted To Make Sure The Pliers Were Sharp

Image credits: platypus0fd3ath

#10 My Sister Sent My 11-Year-Old Nephew To School Today With What She Thought Was A Fresca Packed In His Lunch

Image credits: Jibbety

#11 Valentine's Day Pedi From My Daughter! Beautiful

Image credits: CmdrClit

#12 My 8-Year-Old Is A Jerk And Almost Made Me Burn My House Down

Image credits: ElectricBOOTSxo

#13 Wife Made Cupcakes, 8-Year-Old Ate The Frosting

Image credits: SoreDickDeal

#14 Thanks, Apple. I’ll Let Her Know

Image credits: Parelius

#15 My Glasses Finally Came In This Morning. Paid $375 And Decided To Save $80 And Not Get Insurance And My Daughter Got Ahold Of Them 2 Hours After Arriving

Image credits: Bully2k__

#16 My 3-Year-Old Put My Apple Pen In The Oven

Image credits: r0arpunzel

#17 One-Year-Old Toddler Upgraded MacBook Pro

Image credits: Chrischi_GmbH

#18 Came Home To My 3-Year-Old "Fixing" My Laptop

Image credits: PharmacistDude

#19 The Things You Deal With As A Waiter

Image credits: nickbossbat

#20 Lost Track Of The Toddler For 2 Minutes

Image credits: gemrunner

#21 Coworker's Kids Left The Van's Door Open Before A Storm

Image credits: zeldadorf

#22 My Friend’s Kid Got Stuck In Our Cat Tower

Image credits: punch_you

#23 Things I Fished Out Of My Subwoofer Today

Image credits: LunarFisher

#24 My 8-Year-Old Got Angry With Us. It's Permanent Marker And Acrylic Paint. She Is Severely Grounded, With A Lot Of Daily Chores, Early Bedtime, The Works

Image credits: cwolfe1012

#25 Parenting Doesn’t Pay Enough

Image credits: btsquared2

#26 Dr. Caramelito In The Multiverse Of Madness

Image credits: a_milky_way_pirate

#27 My Kid Tried To Use My Finger While I Was Napping To Sign Him Up For Some Stupid App

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#28 My Daughter Has Figured Out How To Change The Picture On My Watch, By Using My Phone. Oh And Apparently She Knows The Password To My Phone

Image credits: Greenman-of-England

#29 My 10-Year-Old Nephew Told His Mom He Doesn’t Know How His Phone Broke. He Just Woke Up And It Was Like That. A Few Days Later She Finds He Posted This On Youtube

Image credits: SisteroftheMoon16

#30 My Life Is Never Dull, Guys. Never

Image credits: LLcoooltweet

#31 2-Year-Old Art On My Wife's Best Shoes

Image credits: sukarsono

#32 My 2-Year-Old Was Playing In My 6-Year-Old's Bedroom, As Usual, Today, I Went To Get Her And She Has Opened A Giant Bean Bag, Literally Covered The Whole Room

Image credits: jinxykatte

#33 I Found Where My 3-Year-Old Twins Have Been Hiding My Loose Change

Image credits: newsoundera

#34 Spent The Last 3 Days Looking For My AirPods And Then My 2-Year-Old Tells Me To Look At The Orange Juice

Image credits: MajorRyes

#35 When Your 8-Year-Old Decides You Shouldn't Have A Laptop After Telling Him He's Too Young To Have A Laptop

Image credits: Jaded-Function

#36 My 3-Year-Old Dumped Glitter Everywhere This Morning

Image credits: jrappleyea13

#37 What Is More Expensive Than A Pair Of Scissors? A 3-Year-Old With $54 And A Pair Of Scissors

Image credits: ohmygravey

#38 Smurf Devourer. Son Grabbed Food Dye Off The Counter

Image credits: Core1989

#39 Smelled Gas In My House. Opened Oven Just To Find My Controller Extra Burned. Thanks, Toddler

Image credits: joshuaumc

#40 I Hate My Son

Image credits: TheHound114

#41 Life With A Toddler

Image credits: Mrjapedo

#42 Daughter Literally Poked Me In The Eye With A Stick... The ER Bill Is Going In Her Baby Book

Image credits: oooreillyyy

#43 My Son Teased His Sister And She Threw A Switch Controller At My Parent's 75" TV

Image credits: cravenight

#44 Rizzo Wanted To Help With Making Her Birthday Cake. She's Really Doing Good So Far

Image credits: mattymatheson

#45 Some Start Younger Than Others

Image credits: estockbridge

#46 My Daughter Lost A Tooth. My Spouse And I Said It Was Worth A Dollar. Our Daughter Sent Us This Screenshot

Image credits: pkondas

#47 I Should Have Never Taught My Kids How To Use The Heat Sealer

Image credits: scubanarc

#48 Brilliant, Thanks Kids

Image credits: danielleharrison90

#49 My Son Decided Taking The Labels Off Everything Was A Great Idea

Image credits: Licked_Cupcake92

#50 Bean Bag Chair Exploded By Kids

Image credits: AbelNB

#51 The Teacher Actually Only Told Him Not To “Make A Habit Of It.” So I Wonder How Many Times Makes A Habit? I Also Wonder If I Should Hide The Popcorn Popper

Image credits: ElisaStoneLeahy

#52 My 6-Year-Old Flushed Down The Toilet-Roll Holder

Image credits: thenatural134

#53 3-Years-Old Daughter Destroyed An Orchid That Took 2 Years To Bloom

Image credits: Simple-Ice-6800

#54 Tell Me You Have A Three-Year-Old Without Telling Me You Have A Three-Year-Old

Image credits: Lost-Cateran

#55 I Thought I Had Put Socks On My Son This Morning. Turns Out They Were Gloves. My Mother-In-Law Sent Me This

Image credits: shedreamsofunicorns

#56 Graduating From Temple University After 15 Years Working Full-Time And Balancing My Life. Got Married, 2 Daughters, Built A House. Attempted To Make Graduation Family Photo

Image credits: northeastunion

#57 Kid Gets Trapped Inside A Claw Machine

Image credits: UncleRichardFanny

#58 My 3-Year-Old Son Smeared Acrylic Paint All Over His Room And The House Because I Thought It Would Be "Ok" To Not Watch Him For 10 Minutes While I Took A Phone Call

Image credits: ListerineAfterOral

#59 I Also Exploded A Spray Paint Can But With An Ax As A Kid

Image credits: DrTailpipe

#60 This Is Why It’s Important To Keep An Eye On Your Kids When They Are In Public Places. This Is A $4500 Saddle

Image credits: Bits N Bridles Tack and Feed Store

#61 Kid Pooped In The Pool In Vegas And Now The Pool Is Shut Down. Thanks Kid

Image credits: Excellent-Rough4836

#62 My Son Dropped His Phone In The Toilet And Opened A Brand New Bag Of Risotto To Dry It Out

Image credits: Xcyelm

#63 My Kid Slapped My Glasses Directly Into My Eyeball

Image credits: picnicandpangolin

#64 For My Son’s 1st Birthday, I Give You The Cake We Ordered And The Cake We Got

Image credits: jstehlick

#65 My 7-Year-Old Just Broke Something I've Had Since I Was Younger Than Him

Image credits: smileforkirk

#66 My 2-Year-Old Decided My Laptop Should Be On Hard Mode From Now On

Image credits: lemoyne4

#67 4-Year-Old Gave My 1-Year-Old Bags Of Baby Wipes While We Were Still Asleep. 5 Bags Worth

Image credits: bookwormmomot

#68 Bought Our 7-Year-Old A Wii For Christmas Along With Wii Sports. Guess What Just Went Flying Off His Wrist

Image credits: samjaneG

#69 My 4-Year-Old Nephew Got Hold Of A Bottle Of Nail Polish And Now My Sister's Car Looks As If She's Hit Someone On The Road

Image credits: DuckWithBrokenWings

#70 My 3-Year-Old Lost My Wedding Ring A Good Few Months Ago Now And Couldn't Remember Where She Put It

Image credits: Ziggyjkr

#71 My Two-Year-Old Son Got Into The Strawberries And Took A Single Bite Out Of Each One

Image credits: Kel_Varnsen89

#72 Told My Son To Get The Clothes Out Of The Washer So We Could Hang Them To Dry. Instead, He Put The Basket In Front Of His Bedroom Heater

Luckily his hoodie was the only casualty.

Image credits: curtmandu

#73 Played With The Stamp Pad Ink And Now The Ink Is Hard To Remove

Image credits: dong_a_pen

#74 My Son Somehow Put A Hole In The Wall

Image credits: jst1ofknd

#75 Apparently My Daughter Can Reach Things On The Counter. She Thinks I Like Scrambled Eggs

Image credits: dnekrash

#76 Got My Toddler New Shoes Over The Weekend. He Just Threw One Of Them Into The Fireplace

Image credits: liamemsa

#77 I Was Mowing The Grass And My Wife Texts Me And Says “I’m Going To Lay On The Couch And Maybe Get A Quick Nap”. I Came Back To See My Kids Treating Her Like A Bean Bag Chair

Image credits: Yosemite_Scott

#78 When You Add Seasoning Too Early In The Cooking Process (Magic Sarap = MSG)

#79 Found My Wife Passed Out Face-First While Playing LEGOs With My Son. Parents Are The Real MVPs

Image credits: BrightCanon

#80 “Now I Know My ABCs, I’ll Write Them On Our SUV”

Image credits: unneekway

#81 My Daughter Is Planning Her First Sleepover. I’m Concerned About #2

Image credits: impostervt

#82 Toddler Got Ahold Of One Of My Favorite Books Of Sheet Music. Can't Stop Crying

Image credits: MrsKoliver

#83 I Cut The Crust Off My Toddler's Sandwich So She Would Eat The Whole Thing. I Came Back To This

Image credits: that_fresh_life

#84 My Daughter Just Said “Here Papa” And Put These In My Pocket. I Have No Idea Which Piece Of Cheap Furniture Is Now Dangerously Unstable

Image credits: Myomyw

#85 Promised My Son We Would Go See Mount Rushmore

Image credits: Hoarfrost307

#86 Well, Looks Like My Son Is Getting Straight Teeth For Christmas. (And My Other Kids Are Getting A Brother With Straight Teeth For Christmas)

Image credits: parothed28

#87 My Son's Teacher Needed To Talk To Me About The Gobbler He Drew In Class. This Is That Gobbler. He Is 4

Image credits: geTplasterd

#88 Thank You Autocorrect For Asking My 16-Year-Old If He Got Laid Today

Image credits: holly00722

#89 So The Sweets Thief Struck Again Last Night! I Woke Up This Morning To This Lovely Half-Eaten Pile Of Oreos

Image credits: miriam_w04

#90 Do You Have The Ratio Of Syrup Per Vent? Asking For A Friend

Image credits: BipolarBearDick

#91 Bought A Watermelon Several Months Ago. It Quickly Was “Lost” And I Assumed Someone Threw It Away By Accident. However, I Found It In My Kids’ Toy Fridge. My God It Stunk

Image credits: RileyRhoad

#92 Gotta Experience All The Houses In The Neighborhood

Image credits: kevinthedad

#93 My Mischievous 3-Year-Old Put My Boiled Eggs In The Freezer

Image credits: Travice0

#94 My Friend Just Sent Me This Picture Of A Pumpkin Pie She Made For Thanksgiving That Her 3-Year-Old Snuck Into

Image credits: artieartichoke

#95 My 2-Year-Old Helped Me "Reorganize" My Ties This Afternoon

Image credits: JephriB

#96 Walked Into My Backyard To Find That My 10-Year-Old Brother Played With One Of My Old Archery Sets

Image credits: WDJam

#97 Found My AirPods After An Exhaustive Search And Buying A Replacement. My 6-Year-Old Son Put It In His Stocking And Forgot About It

Image credits: flyinbrick

#98 My Three-Year-Old Took A Bite Out Of My Xbox Joystick While Watching TV

Image credits: LiverFox

#99 My 9-Year-Old Sister Destroyed Our Microwave Doing A "Tik Tok Life Hack" (The Starburst Melted Into The Actual Microwave)

Image credits: Agent-Ace

#100 9-Year-Old Decided He Wanted To Make Ramen Today. Narrowly Escaped The Worst Cup Of Tea Ever

Image credits: milf_2sugars

#101 The 3-Year-Old Asked If He Could Have A Muffin. I Said Yes. This One’s On Me

Image credits: ThePu828

#102 I Got A New Coat For Christmas And My Toddler Got Some New Markers

Image credits: Idcaster

#103 Trying To Potty Train My Teething Toddler. She Took A Chomp Right Out Of The Foam Seat

Image credits: gemrunner

#104 My Youngest Brother After My Mom Shouted At Him For Getting A Detention

Image credits: thatguy1415

#105 My Three-Year-Old Did This. And I Can’t Get It Out

Image credits: OldManMarc88

#106 Project On "Gandhi"

Image credits: shivtheshiv360

#107 Not To Brag, But My Daughter Has Me Ranked As The 11th Best Dad

Image credits: No-Relation2437

#108 My Daughter Roughly Handled The Bag Resulting In The Lid Popping Off The Soup

Image credits: NurseCrackie

#109 How My Kid Eats Cucumber Slices

Image credits: Tirux

#110 My Son Put His Toy Golf Ball In The Bathtub Drain

Image credits: Honeycombz99

#111 I Was Going To Surprise My Kids With A Bag Of Churros

Image credits: deserving_porcupine

#112 Took My Kids Swimming And Came Home With A Grand Total Of 65 Mosquito Bites. My Kids Had 2 Between The Three Of Them

Image credits: Moniq2310

#113 Our Childcare Provider Decided To Use Our Kids To Update Some Artwork That My Wife Had Made

Image credits: Phiko73

#114 Not How I Thought My Day Was Going To Start, And No It Wasn't The Puppy That Did This

Image credits: mearsmar

#115 Do You Have Any Advice For Me?

Image credits: GrahamKritzer

#116 I Don’t See The Problem

Image credits: juliussharpe

#117 Ok, You Have Piqued Our Interest

Image credits: ajtonge40

#118 "Mom, There’s No Food In The House!” - My Kids Today

Image credits: heffapig

#119 That Smirking Face! So Proud Of Her Work

Image credits: madjedi55

#120 When You Ask Your 12-Year-Old To Make The Bed

Image credits: baxterrocky

#121 8-Year-Old Remembered To Take The Foil Flavor Packet Out. She Forgot To Add Water

Image credits: motomermaid

#122 This Is What An Unattended 3-Year-Old Can Do In 2 Minutes. My Friends' Son Was Sound Asleep After A Long Ride. They Went Outside To Unload More Bags, Came Back To This

Image credits: junebugg85

#123 My 12-Year-Old Cousin Using Her PS5 As A Glorified Extension Cord

Image credits: Jamesthegrizzly

#124 My Brother Said His 3-Year-Old Daughter Showed Him This In Her Play Microwave. He Didn’t Remember The Last Time They Had Spaghetti For Dinner

Image credits: SirLongrodVHugendong

#125 The Kid Decided To Open The Door By Kicking It

Image credits: encore_moi

#126 30 Pairs Of My Kid's Socks. Not A Single Pair. I Don't Even Remember Us Buying So Many Socks

Image credits: woja111

#127 I Guess My Kids Changed My Netflix Profile

Image credits: Clund5

#128 Filled My Son’s Bottle With Beef Broth Instead Of Almond Milk

Image credits: JamesKPolk-on

#129 The Kids Left Me With The Worst

Image credits: rasich

#130 Who Said This Parenting Thing Was Difficult?

Image credits: arora15

#131 I Bought My 13-Year-Old Son An Oculus. He Turned Off Guardian Mode And Bought Us A New TV

Image credits: jafo

#132 I Turned My Back For One Second And My Son Decided To Make An Omelette

Image credits: YoureNotAGenius

#133 Toddler Pulled The Cat Feeder Down. I Just Filled It Out Last Night

Image credits: Agent_Darkbooty16

#134 Kids Got A Ball Filled With Goo For Christmas. We Now Know What That Goo Is

Image credits: Bunniemonkey

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