130 Photos Of People Having A Worse Quarantine Than You (New Pics)

So you think you had a bad day during the coronavirus quarantine. Maybe your internet went down in the middle of your online work presentation. Maybe you tried making IKEA’s Swedish meatballs at home and accidentally made one giant meatball. It’s not the end of the world. Especially when you take a peek at how some people are dealing with bad luck during the quarantine.

Can you imagine how messed up it would be for your hair clippers to sputter and die while you’re in the middle of shaving your head? Or if falling trees crushed your cars?

To brighten up your day and give you a big dose of vitamin L(aughter), Bored Panda has collected the funniest times that people had a very bad day during the quarantine. So scroll down, upvote your faves, and share your own quarantine fails in the comments below. Oh, and you can find our previous post about people having a worse quarantine than you right here.

#1 Classic Quarantine Haircut

Image credits: ben_rosen

#2 As If COVID-19 And Losing Our Jobs Weren't Bad Enough, We Just Lost Both Cars To A Tree

Image credits: JTTHEWOLF

#3 Thanks For Ruining My Breakfast

Image credits: Alexandru84

But it’s not just bad luck that we have to worry about when staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. While bad things sometimes do happen to good people, the things that we do (or don’t do) can also have far-reaching consequences.

The two main things that can have a negative impact on your well-being are a lack of physical activity and a lack of social contact. We’re called social animals for a reason: we need other people to thrive.

#4 I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 In Install Fees

Image credits: zingusdingus

#5 The Printer Exploded

Image credits: joshdyson

#6 My Only Computer Dies Just When The Country Goes Into Lockdown And Uni Puts Everything Online. Also, The Warranty Just Expired Last Month

Image credits: ZaydMenk

A 2015 meta-analysis of over 308k people found that you are 50 percent more likely to die if you have weaker social relationships.

"If we think about loneliness as this adaptive response kind of like hunger and thirst, it's this unpleasant state that motivates us to seek out social connections just like hunger motivates us to seek out food," lead study author Julianne Holt-Lunstad explained to Business Insider how our need for relationships is hardwired into us.

However, she pointed out that during the pandemic, people need to endure the lack of social contact to protect their health. It’s a real dilemma, but you can maintain social connections by phoning, messaging, or video chatting with the people you care about. It’s a crutch, but it’s the best alternative at this time.

#7 Washed My Favorite Jumper

Image credits: KarenFromAccounts

#8 Strawberry And Gratis Snake ?

Image credits: shadowmoonn

#9 Hello, The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Done

Image credits: hayabusabjj

Meanwhile, on the flip side, most of us stuck at home are likely moving far less than we normally would. Just 2 weeks of inactivity can start reducing your muscle mass. This also affects your heart which we sometimes forget is also a muscle.

So keep moving and keep contacting your loved ones, dear Pandas—we might not be able to avoid bad luck, but we can be prepared to deal with it when it strikes. 

#10 Both Cars Crashed Into Each Other Today In New Belgrade

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#11 Spider Cat

Image credits: alyson.swanke

#12 Picked Up Dinner From A Local Restaurant. Sauce Leaked, Bag Broke, Dinner Said Hello To The Garage Floor

Image credits: eager_sleeper

#13 First Day Of Quarantine And My Shower Decided To Fall Apart

Image credits: zorixxe

#14 My House After I Went To Buy Some Fruits

Image credits: EfexSupreme-75

#15 A Gallon Jar Of Honey Cracked And Spilled In My Friend’s Car The Other Day

Image credits: harrietpa

#16 Set My Remotes On My Heater While Cleaning And Forgot. Then Got Chilly

Image credits: hollyjoyofyourlife

#17 A Pipe Broke Upstairs

Image credits: thepinkfluffy1211

#18 Been Home For 3 Weeks. Leave For 10 Minutes And Kids Shoot Two BB's Through The Window

Image credits: Sandeerrss

#19 Wedding Was Cancelled Due To COVID-19. I've Been On Hold With Capital One Travel For 7 Hours Trying To Cancel Honeymoon Hotel

Image credits: c4key

#20 Try Not To Sneeze When Using An Eyelash Curler

Image credits: ydw1988913

#21 My 4 Year Old Nephew About Killed Me Last Night At 2 Am. He Moved His Child Sized Storm Trooper Into The Hall Next To The Bathroom

Image credits: Herosnap

#22 Poor Kid

Image credits: yourpantsaretoobig

#23 This Is Where The Light Hits Our Bed At 8 AM

Image credits: itsraininginsocal

#24 Supposed To Be My Bachelor Party Today. Now It's A Party For 1. It Might Feel Odd Later When I Strip For Myself

Image credits: Dr_Phan_Tastic

#25 Marathon Runner Ran 26.3 Miles To Spell Out “Boston Strog” In Her Fitness App

Image credits: Mcarps424

#26 Damn Cats

Image credits: Stuey1221

#27 Hiked Two Hours To Set Up A Picnic, Returned To This

Image credits: Jaminator97

#28 Wanted To Start My Day With A Big Coffee. The Splat Even Has A Face

Image credits: supergush

#29 Read A Tip Online That You Could Kill Bacteria By Microwaving Your Toothbrush Head

Image credits: Gpalla

#30 Got Two Identical Pieces And The One I Need Is Missing

Image credits: bitklavs

#31 My Friend's 2 Labradors Spent His Stimulus Money While He Was At Work

Image credits: caffeinatedelirium

#32 I Am Mortified!

My husband had a conference call today. It was minimized so I thought it was just a speakerphone call. It wasn't.

He didn't have any idea because he was focused on his work.

I was wandering around in a sleepy stupor to and from the bathroom. They saw.

One of them said, "hey, I just saw your wife's boobs!"

Once I realized what was happening, I grabbed a baby blanket and tried to crawl away, which they apparently could see as well, and I could hear them all laughing. My husband couldn't even breathe he was laughing so hard.

I was pretty embarrassed. More embarrassed when I found out the hospital chaplain was on the call. I can only hope I made someone's day.

Image credits: deidrapiedra

#33 I Burnt My Hand Taking Tomato Soup Out Of The Microwave. The Toast I Was Making Popped Up And It Scared Me

Image credits: missouriprincess

#34 Apparently My Extroverted Neighbours Are Not Doing Well On Day 24 Of Quarantine

Image credits: sturgeon467

#35 When Your April Fools' Prank Is To Replace All The Mugs In The Office, But Everyone Works From Home Now

Image credits: DammitJames

#36 You Probably Shouldn't Be Touching Those Right Now, Either

Image credits: taylynanastasia

#37 Just Wanted Some Balsamic Vinegar On My Salad

Image credits: EvilEngineNumberNine

#38 Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood

Image credits: furrygreencurry

#39 Another Case Of Someone Microwaving Money To “Sanitize It” (Source In Comments)

Image credits: andymelco

#40 I Sent My Sister And Her Family A Case Of Toilet Paper Since They Ran Out. Look What Arrived. Receipt Paper

Image credits: Oliveeyes717

#41 Decided To Pass The Time In Lockdown By Getting Back Into Running. Day 1, Sprained My Ankle

Image credits: eleaston94

#42 When You Think You’re Being Discreet Buying Adult Toys Online

Image credits: GroundbreakingCat

#43 I Found A Black Widow Spider In My Shower Puff This Morning

Image credits: southbound2016

#44 All My Quarantine Work

Image credits: big_nipple_gong

#45 Spent Months Creating And Printing A Card Game That Requires Bodily Contact, Just In Time For My Shipment To Arrive Mid-Quarantine

Image credits: SoDakZak

#46 Was Feeling Lucky About Being Able To Order Flour From Walmart To Be Delivered

Image credits: ryanclicks2

#47 Now We Know Who The Favourite Child Is

Image credits: mankind3400

#48 I Tried To Bake My Daughter A Birthday Cake But I Made A Butthole Instead

Image credits: Lillies4Lilly

#49 Accidentally Ordered A 25-Pound Bag Of Sugar, As Opposed To A 5-Pound Bag. Left It On The Table For A Bit, And Then My Cat Found It

Image credits: JimJamSandwich

#50 So Damn Close To Being Perfect

Image credits: DrTanzaculous44

#51 Doggy Had An Accident. Roomba Found It

Image credits: saranndwyer

#52 Smashed A Costco-Sized Bottle Of Balsamic Vinegar This Afternoon

Image credits: smarti7768

#53 $5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It

Image credits: jdk

#54 I Just Wanted Some Eggs

Image credits: samsonity

#55 My Dumbest Injury, I Was Flipping A Steak In A Curved Pan (Like Flat Bottom Wok) And All The Butter Splashed Out

Image credits: Vicarious124

#56 Today My Husband Discovered It Is Possible To Recline The Reclining Chair Too Far

Image credits: SmileyWhiley

#57 Waited For A Couple Years For My Parents To Finish This Bottle So I Could Have It. Finally Got It, And Not Even A Full 24 Hours Later, I Knocked It Over

Image credits: NeonSorokin

#58 So Today's Supposed To Be The Best Day Of My Life. Now I'm Just Going To Have To Settle For The Next Best Option

Image credits: patriotsfan23

#59 My Roommate Made Soup

Image credits: sk-3y3_HIGH

#60 So, This Happened Today

Image credits: garebare1234

#61 Guess Whose Patient Has Been Diagnosed Positive And Now The Night Shift Doesn't Want To Come, So I Have 12 More Hours Ahead

Image credits: venda321

#62 How My Friend Is Celebrating His Birthday Today

Image credits: CDC678

#63 My Kids Waiting For The Bus Today. Happy April Fools' Day

Image credits: goblu33

#64 I'm 20 Years Old

Image credits: CreatorDustie

#65 I Washed And Dried A Paycheck And Didn't Realize Until I Put On My Work Jacket

Image credits: friedeggzohyeah

#66 Just Finished My 499 Piece Puzzle

Image credits: bmeupsctty

#67 On Hold With Covered California For Over 11 Hours Because They Canceled Our Health Insurance

Image credits: tristpa2

#68 Just Finished Downloading The New Call Of Duty Game (98 Gb, Took About 10 Hours) And Then When I Went To Open It, I Had To Install A 13 Gb Update

Image credits: tyba22

#69 For God's Sake

Image credits: KoronaSenpai

#70 This Was On My Friend's Local News. I Laughed So Hard

Image credits: RocksOnReddit92

#71 Workers In My House Were Trying To Fix Old Elevator's Motor, But They Just Dropped It

Image credits: GiofilmsFan11

#72 Moved Out Last Month With The GF. IKEA Closed And Canceled Our Order For The Second Half Of Our Couch. We Also Both Lost Our Jobs And It Turns Out That, As A Student And A Dependent, I Can't Get A Stimulus Check

Image credits: Sam_Coolpants

#73 I Ordered 6 Bananas

Image credits: Asymptote42

#74 Self Isolation Day 7462

Image credits: Nicole Parker

#75 About Finishing The Book Only To Discover That 10 Pages Are Missing

Image credits: AlphaPlutonium

#76 Finding A Hundred Dollar Bill In The Parking Lot Only To Learn It's Movie Prop Money

Image credits: daito-

#77 My Landlord Sprayed Painted This Tree Guard And The Wind Blew The Paint Onto This Persons Dodge

Image credits: IJustFartedOnMyGF

#78 Got My Diploma Today

Image credits: Gammaknight008

#79 It Was 60 And Sunny Yesterday. Forgot To Put The Top Down

Image credits: JollyFaithlessness3

#80 I Have Been Dieting And Fitting Back In These Pants Was One Of My Goals. Today Is The First Day Since Four Years That I Could Wear Them. One Hot-Water Bottle Later

Image credits: iiischa

#81 Buddy Sent Me This. Cast Iron Pan That Decided It Was Tired Of Their S**t

Image credits: Danford97

#82 Had A Leak Develop In Our Laboratory This Morning. Nobody Was On Campus To Catch It, So There Was 4 Inches Of Standing Water And Countless Ruined Pieces Of Equipment

Image credits: anothergrad_student

#83 The Amazon Package I Ordered Came With An Empty Used Cough Drop Paper Inside

Image credits: tahtackle

#84 Found Out My Sink Has Been Glued To The Counter This Entire Time. I Hate It Here

Image credits: ElectricMango6

#85 1 Month Of Self-Isolation And My Ceiling Decided It Was Time To Share The Breakdowns

Image credits: Simbar456

#86 Oh, Brenda

Image credits: Bentonbag

#87 I Was So Excited For My Hair Dye To Get Here

Image credits: Emmam0408

#88 Went Out To Buy Groceries And Beer. Got Home, Had A Couple, They Tasted Funny. Looked Closer, Realized They Had Little Mold Cities Floating Around Inside

Image credits: UTubeGingerOnWheels

#89 My GF Bought This Very Attractive Easter Egg For Me, Which I Then Left In The Sun

Image credits: geese_moe_howard

#90 Ordered Butter From Amazon Fresh - They Substituted A Box Of “6” Organic Waffles

Image credits: ItalicsWhore

#91 Thoughts And Prayers Please

Image credits: BearcatJosh1

#92 Tried Something New During Quarantine, Turns Out I'm Bad At Spelling

Image credits: silletrey

#93 Just Switch My Bedroom Around Yesterday And How I Woke Up This Morning

Image credits: germaind2002

#94 I Got Transferred To A New Location At Work. This Is My New Break "Room"

Image credits: cornernope

#95 You Had One Job, Eraser

Image credits: TheCorinthianP13R

#96 My Neighbors Are D***s. This Is The 3rd Time They've Thrown Their Mattress In Such A Way That I Can't Even Open My Gate

Image credits: therivetcityraider

#97 Not Just Today, 2020 In A Nutshell

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#98 After Being Depressed In My Room For The Last 2 Weeks, I Decided To Get Up And Make Alton Brown's Peanut Butter Cookies

No one told me the oven has been overheating and within 3 minutes, all but 3 of my cookies were completely burned on the bottom. I'm going back to bed.

Image credits: memesupreme83

#99 My Nose Is So Big My Mask Split From The Tension

Image credits: jo100blackops

#100 Ordered A New Right Arrow Key For My Laptop For $8, But They Gave Me A Left Arrow Key. I Can't Place It In Upside Down Because The Corner Of The Right Arrow Slot Is Slightly Cut Off

Image credits: crazyberns

#101 I Just Wanted Some Potatoes With Dinner

Image credits: jarod369

#102 Good Thing I'm Working From Home Today

Image credits: slayer_mike

#103 Ended A 12 Hour Shift Falling Down Some Stairs And Spraining My Ankle And My Family Doesn't Believe Me Because It's April 1st

Image credits: tearsintherainscoob

#104 The Hail That Just Hit My House. There Were Thousands Of Them This Size

Image credits: tinman3

#105 My Girlfriend Picked Up The 2mm Instead Of The Number 2

Image credits: fraserbell94

#106 Was Making Night Peas And Completely Missed The Friggin Cup

Image credits: kabril122

#107 When Your Husband Says He'll Take Care Of Lunch

Image credits: hgt2f

#108 I Broke My Simpsons Shot Glass

Image credits: illawgical

#109 My Day Is Ruined. Cat, I Live With, Ate My Favourite Sock And Threw It Up Onto My Newly Changed Bed Sheets

Image credits: banana_llama7

#110 I Was Cooking Eggs And Then My Salt Shaker Broke

Image credits: insecuredane

#111 The Amount Of Waffle Batter My Wife And Kids Left For Me

Image credits: PicoDeBayou

#112 Day 7 In Quarantine: Don’t Ask, But I Somehow Vacuum Sealed My Vacuum Sealer

Image credits: Can_I_Say_Shit

#113 Tried Opening Soup With A Knife Cos I Was On The Phone

Image credits: Tups1987

#114 Everyone Including My Parents Forgot It Was My Birthday Today, So I Improvised

Image credits: Die_libtard

#115 In Quarantine Got A Foot Of Wet Heavy Snow. No Power. No Heat. Generator Won't Start

Image credits: mindyscharlie

#116 I Spent Over 4 Hours Baking A Cake Only To Immediately Drop It

Image credits: FireChemist123

#117 Took Me 4 Days To Build My Kitchen. When I Was Done, I Saw This

Image credits: Dankus-Maxiumus

#118 Woke Up This Morning And Found This On The Stove. I Guess My Wife Wanted A Ginger Ale Last Night, But The Can Didn't Want To Share

Image credits: Need_no_Reddit_name

#119 Did Y’all Know That A Small Percentage Of The Population Is Allergic To Mango? Yeah, Me Neither

Image credits: that-one-ginger-girl

#120 Bringing In The Groceries

Image credits: NunyaBidness12

#121 Heard A Loud Bang From The Kitchen

Image credits: suian_sanche_sedai

#122 All Of My Cutting Boards Died This Week

Image credits: jpb696

#123 Everyone Wants A Skylight Above Their Bed Until It's A Full Moon Night

Image credits: IAmHavox

#124 Men Only Want One Thing

Image credits: lukemorerice

#125 Oops

Image credits: rosa_falcini

#126 Some Idiot Got Their Car Stuck. It Was Me

Image credits: tdskinswin28

#127 My Quarantine Birthday Is Going Well

Image credits: watskii

#128 Tried To Give Myself A Fade Last Night

Image credits: NotGeorgeMicheal

#129 We Were Watching TV And Someone From Across The Way Dropped A Box-Frame While Moving Apartments. This Is Our Living Room Now

Image credits: BoyofBinders

#130 My Mom Set The Microwave For 75 Mins. And Not 75 Secs

Image credits: lifewontwait86