110 Times Someone’s Day Got Ruined By Hilarious Wife Fails

110 Times Someone’s Day Got Ruined By Hilarious Wife Fails

Ah, marriage. One of the best things about being in one is having someone to go through blissful highs, devastating lows, and plenty of mundane moments in between. No matter if it’s a bumpy road or a smooth ride, loved ones always have our backs no matter what. Well, except when we make a complete fool of ourselves. Because inevitably, we decide to carry out our most mortifying and baffling ideas that leave spouses mentally wincing and seriously questioning their choices in life.

These wives are no exception. The internet is buzzing with funny and ridiculous mistakes ladies make while trying to spice up their interiors, surprise their partners with gifts, or simply do them a favor. One thing’s clear, though, they didn't mean to embarrass their spouses with their actions, but it just happened. While these women wished the ground would swallow them right up, their partners decided to entertain us by sharing these hilarious blunders with everyone online.

Well, we at Bored Panda are firm believers that laughing off the embarrassment is extremely important. So we scoured the web and collected some of the best examples that show how adorably hilarious marriage can be. So continue scrolling, upvote the pictures that made you laugh, and share your own funny mishaps with us in the comments!

#1 My 39-Week Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To “Get Stuff For Dinner”. This Is What She Came Home With

Image credits: w3rewulf

#2 My Wife Leaves Me Notes In The Morning. I Hope This One’s Not Finished

Image credits: ChronicIdealist

#3 Not Sure The Wife Understands What Freezer Bags Are For

Image credits: ievenreddittedthis

To learn more about why our partners embarrass us and how to become better at handling these situations, we reached out to John Kenny, a relationship empowerment coach, host of The Relationship Guy podcast, and author of The P.E.O.P.L.E. Programme: How to Overcome Your Blocks to Success. According to him, there are several reasons why our partners would try and embarrass us, either when we spend time alone or are in the company of others.

"Firstly, we need to consider if they are actually trying to embarrass us, or if they are just innocently joking and we are taking what they do or say personally, leading to embarrassment," he told Bored Panda. So if they create discomfort on purpose, these behaviors are usually about putting themselves in a position of control, power, or whatever it is they are trying to meet, the relationship coach explained. If this seems to be the case, our partners may lack tolerance for things that don't fit into their "window of comfort", so they may "seek to make you feel bad because they are unhappy. Redress the balance as it were," Kenny added.

#4 My Wife Helped Me Sunscreen My Back At Beach Day Today. Twice

Image credits: Leeroy_D

#5 Funny Picture Of My Wife Running To Get Out Of The Baby Picture

Image credits: cox-in-fox

#6 I Am A Menace To Society. My Dumb Pregnancy Brain Accidentally Ordered My Husband A Burrito With No Tortilla

Image credits: synesthesiah

If spouses embrace negative behaviors in public as well, Kenny argued they may wish to appear to be a certain way in front of others. Unfortunately, that can also mean they want you to be seen as incapable, stupid, or simply beneath them. Then, partners may start to pick on things that they know will unsettle you. "They may want others to agree with them in order to validate themselves. What better way than to try and make someone else appear lesser than them?" Moreover, Kenny added to be mindful of gaslighting type behaviors here too, which are cruel and often hidden emotional manipulations in toxic relationships. "[They could try] to get you to back off from a topic or make you feel that your opinion, behavior is questionable," he added.

#7 So About 6 Years Ago I Lost My Wedding Ring. I Ended Up Getting A Tattoo Rather Than Replacing It

We have moved twice since then and live in different states. My wife just found it in an old purse.

Image credits: mprince25

#8 My Wife After A 13 Hour Nursing Shift In The Covid Unit

Image credits: drscurvy

#9 For A Month, I Thought I Lost My Wedding Ring On A Cross-Country Road Trip. I Called Gas Stations, Pawnshops, Searched Lost And Found Post

Finally, I gave up ever seeing it again when we realized it was under my husband's deodorant!

Image credits: roseazom

But as you’re scrolling through this list, you’ll notice that sometimes the actions of our loved ones can cause us secondhand embarrassment. After all, our partner’s behaviors affect us because serious relationships sometimes make us see our partners as a part of us. So when they do something positive and worthy of applause, we feel a boost of self-esteem too. So naturally, when they do something we see as embarrassing, we quickly feel our cheeks turning bright red.

#10 I’ve Accidentally Shrunk My Husband's Jacket. Husband For Scale

Image credits: gielind

#11 Wife Wanted To Get Down Our Christmas Tree From The Attic. I Told Her Not To Step On The Drywall. She Later Admitted That She Didn’t Know What Drywall Was

Image credits: KustomKonceptz

#12 This Is What Defeat Looks Like

Image credits: spklovestheusa

According to the relationship coach, if you find that someone's behaviors are embarrassing and unacceptable, then you will feel ashamed of their actions. "You may not necessarily agree with, support, or condone their actions, but to feel embarrassed comes entirely from within you." Kenny stated that we can feel thrust into the spotlight when our partner’s behavior is inappropriate and especially if we can tell this from the reaction of those around us.

"For example, if your partner flirts with someone else in front of you and your friends, everyone will probably see this as unacceptable behavior and it will be an embarrassing situation for you, even though it is them that are behaving inappropriately," he explained.

#13 Wife Got Assigned A Random Tag At The DMV. Didn’t Read It Til She Got Home

Image credits: Aderhold22

#14 Wife Lost A Sewing Needle In The Carpet And I Found It A Few Days Later

Image credits: FourStringTap

#15 My Wife Wonders Why The Vacuum Hasn't Been Working

Image credits: DDHRUGER

Well, it looks like the possibilities for spouses to embarrass one another are virtually endless. While on certain occasions we might laugh it off, constant feelings of embarrassment can lead to restless arguments and even more serious problems in the relationship. However, Kenny argued that it does not always have to be the case. He explained that these behaviors would only carry on as normal when we fail to address the issue and give our permission for them to continue.

We have to communicate with our partners about problems that bother us to create an even stronger and more resilient partnership. However, they might not always agree with our observations. "This can lead to heated arguments if this is the dynamic of the relationship," Kenny noted. "Heated arguments can also ensue if things are allowed to build up, as it isn't just about the one incident and emotions have built up inside, only addressed when ready to burst. It can point to bigger issues within the relationship — lack of openness, codependency, poor communication, power imbalances, and so on."

#16 Wife Bought A New Plant Pot And Put It On The Shelf Over The Toilet. And Hour Later We Heard A Crash

Image credits: hinrichs98

#17 My Wife Tossed A Pile Of Laundry Into The Dryer. Along With A Brand New Box Of 500 Dryer Sheets

Image credits: _Scipio_Africanus

#18 Put My Fries Next To My Husband's Ashtray In The Car. Continued To Browse On My Phone While Blindly Grabbing Fries And Stuffing Them In My Mouth

I don't want to talk about the rest.

Image credits: jones-of-art

Of course, there are always ways to become better at handling these situations and prevent them from spiraling into long-lasting disputes. "Firstly, when we are embarrassed, we need to check in with ourselves: 'Do I need to feel this way about this situation?' If I do, then there is clearly something I am uncomfortable with or unhappy about and it needs to be addressed. Don't let it go, don't allow your negative emotions about this type of reaction to grow so that you suffer it or explode when you have had enough," the relationship coach suggested.

Instead, he advised saying something like, "I don't think/feel that it is appropriate/acceptable to …". Then, explain to your loved one how you would like them to act in the future and have a discussion about behaviors that you would be more comfortable with.

#19 This Is How My Wife Decided To Unpack Her New Cable

Image credits: ThavinceGene

#20 My Wife Likes To Keep Dog Food Beside Coffee Beans. Guess What I Did At 5:30 Am This Morning

Image credits: Chaosbutters87

#21 Bought Some Electric Clippers To Give Myself A Quarantine Cut. Asked My Wife To Help Me Trim Up The Back

Image credits: popsicleian1

"This is a 'pink flag' type of issue and will become a red flag if you address it and their actions do not change. If you find that you are easily embarrassed by things, then you may be struggling from self-worth issues and your sense of self is easily undermined," he added. "Shame could be an underlying emotion you have never dealt with and so you can embarrass more commonly than others you know," Kenny concluded by saying this could lead to you taking on too much responsibility on others' behalf and could have a toll on your emotional wellbeing.

#22 "It's Always So Cold In Our House. Our Furnace Sucks" - Wife, Jan 2020, -32C

Image credits: dfGobBluth

#23 My Wife Left A Pen In Her Pants Pocket

Image credits: Crrrrraig

#24 Wife Tried To Clean My Cast Iron. How Much Alimony Should I Get

Image credits: SecretlyHiddenSelf

#25 My Wife Isn't Great At Measurements And Ordered A 28" Pizza For The Two Of Us

Image credits: her_vness

#26 My Wife Just Got This Huge Banner For Work. Perfect

Image credits: heymanitsdan

#27 Asked Wife To Pick Up Some Bleach While She Was Out Doing Errands

Her exact words after I looked at this was “It was a little pricy but at least it smells good and not like all the other bleach”.

Image credits: jeffy983

#28 Wifey Bought Popcorn Because We Have A Microwave In The Hotel Room

Image credits: iamcba

#29 My Wife's Attempt At Making Vegan Waffles

Image credits: tatuartist

#30 Woke Up And Discovered My Wife Moved Our Coat Stand Yesterday

Image credits: gruesomeflowers

#31 We're Moving. This Is How My Wife Packed The Kid's Dolls

Image credits: OINOU

#32 This Is How My Wife Leaves A Dish After Taking It Out Of The Oven And Walks Away. We Have Children And A Dog

Image credits: TeriasP

#33 My Wife Using An Outlet

Image credits: jthe357

#34 When You Try To Surprise Your Husband For His Birthday But You Forget The “B” So It’s Just A Normal “Happy Day”

Image credits: madisonnmariee

#35 Take A Guess Of Which One Was Sprayed All Over Every Counter. Hint: The Counters Are All Silky Smooth Now

Image credits: alittlebeckham

#36 My Wife Doesn't Know I'm Working From Home Today. This Is My Wife, Working On Her Novel. Expected Release Date 2052

Image credits: craigstone_

#37 My Husband Asked Me To Heat Up The Croissant And That He Wanted It Very Crunchy. I Guess I Nailed It

Image credits: Kaneando

#38 Wife Bought Me A Shirt This Past Christmas That Finally Came In The Mail. I’m A Huge Space Nerd But Guess I Won’t Be Wearing It Anytime Soon

Image credits: Christafaaa

#39 First Night In The New House And My Wife Cooks A Plastic Bag On The Brand New Stove

Image credits: Dadality0628

#40 Happy Father’s Day To The Best. I Was Supposed To Cook This Feast But He Let Me Nap. When I Woke Up, He Had Cooked His Own Celebratory Dinner

Image credits: jholler25

#41 I Probably Should Have Covered His Whole Back In Sunscreen And Not Just His Moles

Image credits: joss_coad7054

#42 Moved Our Extremely Heavy King Bed Headboard For The First Time In 5 Years. Guess Which Side My Wife Sleeps On

Image credits: mranthr0pic

#43 Here's One Way To Get Your Husband Out Of Bed In The Morning

Image credits: christythecolorista

#44 Wife Decided We Needed A HEPA Filter In Our Bedroom. She Picked It Out And Set It Up. Has Been Saying That She Doesn't Think It Works

6 months later, I decided to change the filter... I blame myself.

Image credits: wwthompson

#45 My Wife Gave Me This For Our Anniversary, She Swears Its A "Pick"

Image credits: Darzin

#46 My Wife Meant To Send Me That Message And Accidentally Sent It To The Woman She Was About To Have A Phone Interview With For A Job

Image credits: IamYourCaptainNow76

#47 "I Also Got Wrong How Many Years It Has Been"

Image credits: sarasheridan

#48 My Wife Putting This Peanut Butter In The Trash Because It’s Empty

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 That One Time Your Wife Helps You Cut Your Hair 5 Minutes Before You Leave For Church. Thanks, Babe, Solid Work

Image credits: jordanabina

#50 When Your Husband Won’t Stop Complaining About The Underwear You Put In His Stocking Being Too Tight

Image credits: joannajpoole

#51 Wife Helped Spray Sunscreen On My Back

Image credits: Saucy_Lemur

#52 This Is A Cheesecake My Wife Was Cooking And Forgot About. I Came Home 10 Hours After She Had Gone Out To A House Full Of Smoke And Fished This Out Of The Oven

Image credits: GonnaGoFat

#53 My Lunatic Wife Cuts Bananas In Half And Just Leaves The Top

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 I Missed A Little Patch Of Hair While Shaving The Back Of Steven's Head. I Didn't Notice It Until Tonya's Wedding Reception. Everyone Had Already Seen It

Image credits: dorothyonair

#55 Total Wife Fail. Put The Grill On Instead Of The Oven

Image credits: the_fur_daddy

#56 A Little Crispier Than He Likes

Image credits: pajamastickypants

#57 My Wife Didn't Put Away Her $300.00 Stetson Hat. Our Dog Reminded Her

Image credits: King_Baboon

#58 I Got A Text From My Wife: "Can You Come Out? I Made A Mistake"

Image credits: cbheller

#59 Came Home From Work. Wife Said Bedroom Was Humid So She Turned On The Dehumidifier. Look Over At The Window And Notice She Has A Humidifier Running

Image credits: Wamadeus13

#60 Facepalm Award Goes To My Wife Today

Image credits: Littlebitty4x4

#61 My Wife Ate Every Single Marshmallow In A Family-Sized Box Of Count Chocula. Every Single One

Image credits: ccurtiswriting

#62 I See Your Puppy Throwing Up On Ride Home, And Raise You Our Puppy Having Explosive Diarrhea All Over My Wife

Image credits: scobow28

#63 My Lovely Wife Bought A New Screen And A Cat Door To Go In It. Took A Few Hours And She Was So So Proud Of Herself

Image credits: Jebedia80

#64 My Wife Spent The Last 5 Hours Carefully Making Dinner And Specifically The Gravy. She Went To Strain It So She Could Get The Extra Stuff Out

Accidentally poured it directly down the drain.

Image credits: Spacecowboy8888

#65 My Wife Got A Tattoo Yesterday About Down Syndrome. Our 2-Year-Old Girl Has Down Syndrome And This Was For Her

Image credits: Codydews

#66 When You Decorate For Your Husband's 35th Birthday Today Only To Find Out It’s His 36th Birthday

Image credits: KristieLHodges

#67 My Wife Gave Me A Bath Bomb For Valentines Called Luna. Pretty Sure They Should Have Called It Waterbirth

Image credits: iamtherealandy

#68 That White Thing That’s In Between The Meat And The Styrofoam In The Package? Yeah, I Don’t Think You’re Supposed To Cook That

Image credits: sarahsonthemove

#69 How To Tell Your Husband You Accidentally Shrank His Favorite Wool Sweater

Image credits: adrianahasaids

#70 So I Decided To Make Pina Coladas. I Only Have One Hand To Use (Surgery On The Other) So I Used A Spoon To Scoop The Frozen Mix Into The Blender

So I decided to make Pina Coladas. I only have one hand to use (surgery on the other) so I used a spoon to scoop the frozen mix into the blender. I got ice from the freezer and placed it into the blender with a mix. Apparently, I also left the spoon. I turned on the blender… and blew out the side. I single-handedly destroyed the ninja blender! 

I did save the pina colada. RIP 1-week-old blender. 

Image credits: cnd_mama

#71 My Wife Just Throws Her Kitchen Scraps In The Sink Instead Of The Trash Can Because "The Disposal Can Handle It"

Image credits: kirby5801

#72 When Your Husband Overestimates Your Ability To Use The Grill

Image credits: lauraruns26.2

#73 Pro Tip: Do Not Pour Dishwashing Liquid Into The Bottom Of The Dishwasher. It Won’t Help But Give The Dishes A Bubble Bath

Image credits: witchhazelnut

#74 Iron Disaster

Image credits: chelleh415

#75 After 3 Years Of Marriage, I Just Found Out My Wife Cuts Around The Sticker Instead Of Peeling It Off

Image credits: stoavs

#76 Yes, That's My Husband Cleaning A Protein Shake Off The Ceiling

Guess what happens when you shake a bottle of carbonated water with your protein.

Image credits: katdianephoto

#77 My Wife Using The New USB/Outlet Combo I Just Bought

Image credits: Garchy

#78 Forgot The Candles

Image credits: heathercam2603

#79 My Wife Thought She Ordered 3 Bags Of Brussel Sprouts. This Is What She Actually Ordered

Image credits: ekim84

#80 I Had One Job This Morning. One Job

Image credits: kidneysandpinups

#81 My Wife Said She Had Something Crazy To Show Me After We Ate Lunch

Image credits: bigandy1105

#82 My Wife Worked For An Hour On This Peach Crisp And Burst Into Tears Right Before My Parents Showed Up To Our House

Image credits: kent_ankerous

#83 My Wife Leaves Hair Stuck To The Shower Wall

Image credits: drunkonlacroix

#84 My Wife's Big Moment Presenting A Birthday Cake At Work

Image credits: R9binstein

#85 Wifey Just Learned That You Can’t Microwave Hard-Boiled Eggs

Image credits: Jackandcokeguy

#86 I Don't Know What To Do. My Browser History Just Revealed That My Wife Is Cheating

Image credits: klam00

#87 I Lost My Wedding Ring A Month Ago And Bought A New One Today, Also Today

Image credits: StillwaterLodge

#88 The Way My Wife Cut The Pizzas

Image credits: Lazerhest

#89 I Bought A Homepod For The Kitchen. Instead Of Playing Music Through The Homepod, My Wife Uses It As A Phone Stand While Playing Music From Her Phone

Image credits: pixelvice

#90 My Wife Ran Into The Side Of The Door

Image credits: servoooo

#91 I'm 6'2", My Wife Is 4'11" And Is In Charge Of Putting Up Mirrors

Image credits: danabrey

#92 The Way My Wife Loaded The Dishwasher

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#93 My Lovely Wife Got Me "Gourmet" Gummi Bears For My Birthday But Left Them In The Hot Car. Now It's A "Gourmet" Gummi Glob

Image credits: Rum_Hamtaro

#94 Wife Bought Animal Crossing Stickers For The Kid. This Was One Of Them

Image credits: Whambacon

#95 The Way My Wife Cut Up This Avocado For My Daughter For Lunch

Image credits: rbrink13

#96 Wife Doesn’t Pay Attention To What We Already Have When Buying Groceries

Image credits: thephillyberto

#97 My Wife Got Her Nose Ring Stuck In Our Babies Playpen When She Was Playing With Her

Image credits: ben_od1

#98 There Are A Few Things I Generally Don't Do As A Wife/Mom: Empty Vacuum, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Iron

Image credits: valonghurst

#99 I'm Not Sure What's Worse: Me Forgetting To Put Coffee Grounds In The Pot Or That He Didn't Even Notice That It Was Hot Water

Image credits: hokiegirl1999

#100 My Wife Never Finishes A Bottle Of Shampoo Or Body Wash Before Buying A New Kind And Leaving The Old Ones

Image credits: reddit.com

#101 Sometimes I Don’t Understand My Wife’s Thought Process

Image credits: GoatMeatnOlives

#102 How’s Your Day Going?

Image credits: michelekostos

#103 I Found My Wife Like This The Other Night

Image credits: neoneo185

#104 I Should Stick To Selling Houses. Call Me If You Want To Buy A House. Don't Call Me For Laundry

Image credits: lady.amberlicious

#105 The Joe Nugget. When Wife Does Laundry With Your Business Cards In Your Pocket

Image credits: jcarson_yourmajesty

#106 My Mom Thought My Dad Was 65 Today. Casey Had To Add A Candle Because He Is Actually 66 Years Old

Image credits: kellyacrimm

#107 Well, There Was This One Time I Tried To Do The Dishes All By Myself

Image credits: jillianhalliday

#108 I Bought A Fancy 5K Monitor (LG Ultrafine 27”) For Myself, But My Wife Liked It So Much She Asked For It. Here’s How She’s Using It

Image credits: ypsm

#109 So This Is What Happens When You Wash An Older Pillow. My Pillow Washed Fine, And This Pillow Is My Husband's. Do I Pull Out The Sewing Machine, Hand Sew It Or Give Up?

Image credits: whimsicalwhinnies

#110 Truckload Of Fail Right Here

Image credits: amandagut

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