100 Pics That Prove Work Can Be Fun If You Have Coworkers Who Know How To Have A Laugh (New Pics)

100 Pics That Prove Work Can Be Fun If You Have Coworkers Who Know How To Have A Laugh (New Pics)

Our colleagues have the power to radically change our day, whether it’s for the better or worse. Luckily, the world’s chock full of fun-loving people who are more than happy to make us laugh and show us the silver lining in even the grayest stormcloud.

We really love having a good laugh here at Bored Panda, so our team has collected some of the very best pics that show the hilarious times that employees made their coworkers laugh out loud with their ideas and witty antics. Scroll down to get inspired and remember to upvote the pics that you enjoyed the most. Got any stories to tell about how awesome and funny the Pandas that you work with are? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section.

Also be sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with British comedy writer, humor expert, author, and aspiring pop star with an album on the way this year, Ariane Sherine about how fun and humor can make us like our jobs more. And if you’re in the mood for some more quirky coworker fun, then be sure to check out our previous articles about humorous colleagues here and here.

#1 I Couldn't Find The Kale At The Grocery Store. I Asked An Employee Where I Could Find Some And He Said, "Right Here," And Points To His Name Tag

He's been waiting his whole life for this... Kudos to Kale. I love you, man!

Image credits: designstudio_b

#2 My Friend Who Is A Gardener Sends Me Photos Of Himself At Work

Image credits: triplezero

#3 This Is The Only Way To Put Salt On Roads

Image credits: mickyo25

Bored Panda reached out to comedy expert Ariane to learn more about the importance of humor, the role it plays in motivating others to work harder, and whether or not it’s worth it to be the office clown.

According to Ariane, humor and fun “definitely” have a positive effect on our motivation in the workplace. “The more fun you have at work, the more likely you are to want to be at work, so you're happy to stay for longer and happy to be there in the first place,” she explained.

The comedy writer shared a snippet from her own past with Bored Panda: “My last job was a blast, we had loads of fun and it was a really warm, friendly environment so I couldn't wait to get into work in the mornings.”

#4 Co-Worker Sent Me This. We Work At NASA

Image credits: jftims

#5 Myself And Two Coworkers Realized We Were Wearing The Same Coat. The Only Option Was To Zip Them Into One Three Person Coat

Image credits: Geekquinox

#6 I Ain’t Scared Of No Ghost

Image credits: Vbomb1337

However, sometimes it’s incredibly hard to see the silver lining. Especially if we’re burned out or can’t see the purpose of what we’re doing in our day-to-day grind.

“Working in difficult jobs can definitely suck the joy out of life. When I worked in retail I couldn't wait to leave!” Ariane said, offering some advice. “Look for the good things. Sometimes that's just the money and what it buys you, sadly.”

The comedy expert said that realistically speaking, we can’t always learn to take a stressful job less seriously. “It's difficult not to take work seriously when it takes up so much of your life, and if it's impairing your happiness then you need to look for a new job,” she pointed out.

#7 Romance Display At My Local Barnes & Nobles. I Probably Laughed Too Loud

Image credits: JessLovesNaps

#8 This Is Charlene. Charlene Is A Walmart Employee That Poses With Various Products For The Store’s Local Facebook Page. Charlene Is Amazing

Image credits: Walmart North East

#9 My Local Independent Coffee Shop Uses A Starbucks Mug For Its Toilet Brush Holder

Image credits: daviedrew

Finally, Ariane went a bit into detail about the limits of fun and humor at work. Bored Panda asked her how being the office clown impacts one’s career and day-to-day job satisfaction.

“Sure, you can be the office clown, but only if you're really good at your job too. No one's going to mind you joking around if you're also acing it at work,” she said that as long as we’re pulling our weight and earning brownie points from our superiors, we can afford to be silly from time to time.

“It's when it's detrimental to your work that people start to frown upon it. But I've always been the company clown and I've found it's a great way to get through the grind of a workday!” she said.

#10 The 66-Year-Old Receptionist Where I Work Prints Out Memes On Paper And Puts Them On The Wall

Image credits: tokensbro

#11 Some Of My Dad's Employees Dressed Up As Him For Halloween. I Think They Nailed It

Image credits: jdm902

#12 Australia Right Now

Image credits: assyrian

While we’re joking about with our coworkers, it’s still worth remembering that we need to leave a positive impression on our managers and bosses. And that means periodically reminding them of our achievements and keeping them in the loop about our progress. In short, communication is key.

Financial expert Sam Dogen, who runs the Financial Samurai project, shared with Bored Panda that ‘managing our managers’ is an important skill to know. 

#13 All Of My Coworkers Agreed To Dress Up As Smurfs For Halloween. I'm The Only One To Go Through With It

Image credits: Papa_Skittles

#14 Herman The Office Spider Likes His Name Plate

Image credits: handy_dandy_andy

#15 An Actual Interview Going On At The Office. We Take Halloween Very Seriously

Image credits: emkay28

“Managing your manager entails keeping him or her abreast of what you are up to,” the expert said that we have to find a balance between oversharing and undersharing. Avoid unnecessary details but strive to keep them in the know about how well you’re doing and how you’re contributing to the company.

#16 Found In The Psychiatry Ward At The Hospital Where I Work

Image credits: OrangeLovesGreen

#17 I Used To Amuse Myself By Leaving Fake Hazard Signs Around The Office

Image credits: RamsesThePigeon

#18 Staff Meeting This Morning

Image credits: clostridium_dead

“It means highlighting your key wins and reminding them at the end of the year about what you did in the first half of the year,” Sam said.

“It is very important to keep everything in writing. Over time, we tend to forget our interactions,” he said that we shouldn’t rely just on our memories when promised are made or important conversations are had.

#19 This Cone Display At My Local Ice Cream Shop

Image credits: -Papadil-

#20 I Said To My Co-Worker I Left Bills In The Cash Drawer

Image credits: ACsiDZ

#21 Utah Has Its Issues, But It’s Traffic Signs Are Top Notch

Image credits: B4ldy

Keep a paper trail, save some screenshots, and use those to document your positive progress or protect yourself in case you’re accused of something you know for a fact you didn’t do. What’s more, the paper trail can help you land a promotion (or at least a raise) later on down the line.

“By keeping things in writing, we can better remember situations and better argue for ourselves when it comes to asking for a raise and a promotion.”

#22 Couldn’t Think Of A Better Investment

Image credits: Simonreah

#23 It’s Cold This Morning So My Coworker Showed Up In This

Image credits: dinhgonefishin

#24 Someone Put A Terminator Picture Over Our Key Card Sensor At Work

Image credits: LordZMusic

So there you have, it Pandas, some of the most fun and funny things that coworkers have done to make everyone laugh in the workplace. Which of these posts did you enjoy the most? Are you by any chance the clown in your department or office? Let us know how you keep up your spirits and those of your fellow employees while on the clock!

#25 My Boss Complained About My Coworker's Hair Being Too Long. So She Fixed The Problem

Image credits: billybobjoe4000

#26 Towel Animal Left By The Hotel Staff

Image credits: OyeSimpson

#27 Co-Worker Went On Vacation, So We "Upgraded" His Hardware

Image credits: Kaerval

#28 Well That's Nice

Image credits: ilkikuinthadik

#29 A Guy At My Wife's Job Still Think That His New Plant Is A Cactus. It's Actually A Pickle That Is Replaced By A New One Each 2 Days. It's Been Like That For 2 Weeks Now

Image credits: Starskins

#30 My Co-Worker Got His Hands On A Labeler

Image credits: TheOneandOnlyBobby

#31 My Boss Knows What's Up

Image credits: SnapTalk

#32 This Sign In An Antique Store

Image credits: mdavis360

#33 Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Image credits: jennyanyanyanyanydot

#34 In My Local Coffee Shop

Image credits: chatsubo20

#35 Co-Worker Asked Me Why I Had So Many Condoms

Image credits: Joseph_Valdez

#36 My Last Night Working At TJMAXX I Switched Out 70 Stock Photos With A Selfie Of Me At Work

Image credits: Unthgod

#37 Stopped For Some Noodles And Needed To Finish Some Work. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: LHOW27

#38 Humor In The Times Of Corona

Image credits: nuthin_to_it

#39 Mr. Grumpy

Image credits: austin_lou

#40 Manager Put My Day Off Work In His Calendar

Image credits: JediNarwhal97

#41 The Coffee Maker At My Office Was Out Of Order

Image credits: gem_bug

#42 A Customer Called Asking If We Were Practicing Social Distancing With Her Sandwiches. I Told Her We Are, But To Be Honest, Guys, I'm Running Out Of Space

Image credits: lachary1234

#43 Same Conversation After Every Holiday Weekend

Image credits: OneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUsOneOfUs

#44 This Sign I Found At An Ice Cream Shop In Amman, Jordan

Image credits: Glypshmergle

#45 The Coffee Machine In Our Office Is Still Missing, But My Colleagues And I Are Making The Best Of It

Image credits: Sanktus107

#46 My Teacher Put Up A Picture Of Himself On His Door So It Looks Like He’s In His Office

Image credits: baked_potato17

#47 My Coworker Has A Tendency To Spill His Cereal Walking Out Of The Kitchen In The Morning And Just Leave It There. I Made It Modern Art

Image credits: unthused

#48 Coworker's Halloween Costume "Bert" Reynolds

Image credits: Jorrk

#49 My Office Refuses To Take Down This Non-Operating Antiquated Piece Of Equipment, So I Did The Only Logical Thing

Image credits: grindinghalt

#50 I Saw This At The Doctor’s Office Today

Image credits: DoodlingDaughter

#51 So They Installed A New Coffee Machine At Work And Before Anyone Could Use It, I Placed This Sign On It. Best Three Hours Of My Life

Image credits: nipse79

#52 Someone Brought This To The Office Potluck

Image credits: pasciiii

#53 I Switched Out All My Co-Worker's Cheat Sheets While He Was Out

Image credits: amdale3

#54 This Is My Co-Workers Desktop. Amazing

Image credits: imgur.com

#55 7 Billion People In This World And I’m So Glad He Was Chosen As The Face Of Our Company

Image credits: Nabooru_ofthe_Gerudo

#56 I Work At A Photography Store In Norway. This Was Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: TheTigon

#57 At The Office

Image credits: FrozenFireDragon

#58 Blessed Co-Worker

Image credits: ralphbutterwinkel

#59 My Wife's Stepsister Is A Vegan, This Is What Her Co Workers Gave Her To Celebrate Her Birthday

Image credits: TheeJoCanadian

#60 A Co-Worker Brought Homemade "Cheesecake" To The Office Today

Image credits: nicksalot

#61 One Of My Coworkers Is Getting His Citizenship Today, So We Left Him A Surprise For When He Gets Back

Image credits: brenmariano

#62 Hand Sanitizer Found At My Chiropractor's Office

Image credits: StarfishStabber

#63 My Last Day At Work Cake After Getting A New Job

Image credits: mildysentary

#64 Did This To My Whole Office

Image credits: Deadliner

#65 Pain Scale From My PT’s Office

Image credits: Waterproof_soap

#66 The Sign In My Co-Worker's 2nd Grade Classroom

Image credits: SkippyBluestockings

#67 Got Bored At Work, Had Some Spare Post It Notes

Image credits: imgur.com

#68 I Hate Having To Write Up My Employees Right Before The Holiday, So I Compromised And She Has To Wear This For The Rest Of The Afternoon

Image credits: thejohnblog

#69 Working On A Covid-19 Ward, Trying To Lighten The Mood

Image credits: HealerReady

#70 When Your Boss Comes To Work Drunk And Starts To Shout "Your Wives Can Wait The Death Star Can't"

Image credits: andreouc3000

#71 Protip: Don't Start A Photoshop Battle With The Design And Print Guy At Your Work. You Will Lose 10/10

Image credits: lovellkid

#72 My Coworker Came As Me To Work For Halloween

Image credits: Kolas707

#73 A Local Computer Repair Shop Thinks They're Funny. They're Right

Image credits: gerclar

#74 My Co-Workers’ Staff Pictures Are Inevitable

Image credits: drewchamblee

#75 We Had A Christmas Door Decorating Contest At Work This Year. This Was My Entry

Image credits: R4D4R_MM

#76 Our Work Cubicles Have Windows (Star Trek)

Image credits: MotorBoater22

#77 In My Dentist Office Bathroom

Image credits: muscovyduckmaster

#78 Somebody Enjoys Their Job

Image credits: Cavezzi

#79 My Coworker Is A Flat Earther And It's His Last Day

Image credits: kittythedog

#80 Its My Coworker's Last Day So We Made A Pillow For The Office To Remember Him By. He Wasn't Happy

Image credits: maxxl

#81 My Co-Workers Have Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

Image credits: WIM96

#82 Yes Honey I Paid 15$ For This Guitar

Image credits: Roach2791

#83 Seen In A London Pub

Image credits: skarvin

#84 Co-Worker Came Running Into My Office And Said "There Is A Big Leak Under The Water Heater"

Image credits: RayBrower

#85 My Boyfriend’s Aunt Commissioned Her Coworker To Do A Family Portrait For Her Mother. 6 Months & $50 Later - Worth It

Image credits: subliminal_ads

#86 So This Is Happening In The Fridge At Work

Image credits: imgur.com

#87 It Was A Slow Day At Work

Image credits: Thunder_Cats_Hoe

#88 Employee Of The Year

Image credits: grink

#89 +1 To The Smartie Who Put This Motion-Activated Sticker On The Paper Towels At Work That Are In Fact Not Motion Activated

Image credits: CncertLuvr

#90 Saw This In My Kid’s Doctor’s Office

Image credits: thatbirdwithloudfeet

#91 I Owed My Coworker $50. He Didn't Get It Back Easy

Image credits: FritzBakon

#92 It Was My Coworkers Birthday Yesterday, I Got Her This

Image credits: oganNoLs

#93 Nearly A Year Ago, My Coworker Needed Stitches After An Avocado Toast Accident. I Made This Sign For Her And They’re Still Updating It

Image credits: emzieees

#94 My Co-Worker Is Leaving Today

Image credits: perpetualdawn

#95 Y’all Think They’ll Read The Sign?

Image credits: cheddaj09

#96 My Coworker’s Scarf Looks Like A CVS Receipt

Image credits: eboov

#97 Yesterday During A Lunch Meeting I Told My Big Boss That I Absolutely Despise Tomatoes And I Would Rather Eat A Raw Onion Whole. Today He Sent This Company Wide Survery

Image credits: Ooooweeee

#98 A Restaurant Worker Drew This On My To Go Box

Image credits: derpytomato05

#99 Pepperidge Farms Truck Getting In On A Family Guy Joke. Seen In Milford, MA

Image credits: BENTEND0_64

#100 My Co-Worker Asked Me For A Quarter, Then Gave Me This In Return

Image credits: GymothyCharles

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