10 more exciting startups to compete at this year’s TOP100

10 more exciting startups to compete at this year’s TOP100

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The 2023 Echelon Asia Summit is happening at the Singapore EXPO on 14-15 June 2023. Are you a startup founder, investor, corporate, or tech enthusiast? Don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated tech conferences in the region! For more information, visit the official Echelon page.

The TOP100 program is an annual project spearheaded by e27 with the goal of recognising the most promising and innovative startups in the Southeast Asian region and beyond. The program is a highly anticipated event that provides a platform for exciting new startups to showcase their ideas, gain exposure to investors and potential partners, and receive valuable feedback from industry experts.

Through the TOP100 program, startups have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges comprised of investors, corporates, and industry giants. The judges evaluate each startup based on various criteria, including innovation, market potential, team strength, and overall execution.

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Winning the TOP100 program can have a significant impact on a startup’s growth trajectory. The program has helped many startups secure funding, gain media attention, and expand their customer base in the regional market.

With its rigorous selection process, 100 startups get to pitch their products and services at the Echelon Asia Summit slated on June 14-15 at the Singapore EXPO. Top contenders will proceed to the finals where winners will be selected.

Without further ado, here is the fourth batch of startups that will be competing at this year’s TOP100!

10 more semifinalists for the 2023 TOP100


TOP100ExtraBread is a decentralised lending protocol that lets users lend or borrow funds with collateral. The platform enables a more cost-effective and fully transparent model using a ready-to-go liquidity pool infrastructure by connecting investors and borrowers to democratise access to capital and finance opportunities.

Real-world assets can be tokenised into fractional digital ownerships and participants can turn these tokenised digital assets into multiple financial instruments. Depositors can provide liquidity funds to earn a passive income, while asset owners are able to borrow or raise funds by collateralising their assets.

Jagofon Pte Ltd

TOP100New smartphones are way too expensive in Indonesia – up to 6 times the local monthly salary and second-hand smartphones are not to be trusted: at least 20% are illegally imported, stolen, or counterfeited, more than 30% suffer from quality issues, and there is no warranty or guarantees. Jagofon is Indonesia’s first marketplace specialising in second-hand smartphones. Their mission is to rebuild trust in the second-hand smartphone market, with top-quality yet affordable phones.

All Jagofon smartphones are extensively tested, 100% functional, and guaranteed. They follow a meticulous selection and testing methodology to bring customers the very best, and by buying from them, you are giving a second life to a device, thus helping to reduce electronic waste and protect the environment.

Quest – Hire a Hero

TOP100Quest connects Small-Medium Enterprises in Southeast Asia to a “cult-like” community of Gen Z gig workers within 5 minutes. With increased pressures to reduce cost and full-time headcount, startups and SMEs in Southeast Asia are struggling to execute their ideas.

On the other hand, 80% of Gen Zs are capable and hungry for alternate income sources. At Quest, they give businesses everything they need to find, hire, and manage top gig talents for a fraction of the cost of agencies and freelance platforms. Quest is on a mission to provide the next million jobs through flexible opportunities.

Longan Group

TOP100Longan Group is an ethical and inclusive debt management company supporting consumers and financial institutions to manage their finances more efficiently, on a mission to solve consumer indebtedness and promote financial health among the 2bn population across Asia, a $60bn market. 

They provide debt solutions for banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions looking to improve their cash flows and manage their balance sheets. Longan is headquartered in Singapore with core operations in Vietnam and Indonesia. They are actively working on further expansion.

South and South-East Asia have experienced rapid growth in lending, both consumer and corporate, over the last 15 years. Home to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, there is an obvious void in place of professional receivable management companies. Longan Group is here to fix this problem.

BC Labs

TOP100BC Labs is a company that operates Coinvestor, a global digital asset investment platform. Coinvestor provides unparalleled profit-making opportunities, while also prioritising seamless and secure services.

On Coinvestor, crypto-market players can enjoy a differentiated experience by accessing insights, sharing strategies, and monetising expertise. Coinvestor aims to become the world’s most engaging investment platform for digital assets by providing a hub for active communication between investors and traders.


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CESeL Primus

TOP100CESeL Primus supplies vertical farming cultivation devices, facilities, and environmental control solutions through the development of automated harvesting technology, big data, and AI-based technologies. They offer services for constructing large-scale vertical farms.

CESeL Primus also offers indoor vertical farming solutions in urban shopping centres and community spaces that provide fresh fruits, leafy greens, and herbs to be harvested and supplied on the same day.

They are operating “CESeL Alpha Farm Gwanggyo”, which is the world’s first urban indoor vertical strawberry farm built with their proprietary patented technology and design capabilities.


TOP100CakepLabs is a South Korean- based company focused on Financial Technology (Fintech) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. CakepLabs gives you the best solution for your fintech and banking problems. They offer the easiest, fastest, simplest, safest, and highest quality for your Fintech.

Chaca Market is one of the products built by CakepLabs. It’s an app that provides local service around your neighbours, giving users benefit with less work while improving the quality of the neighbourhoods — all of which are free.


Wizher is a digital laundry management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline operations and enhance the laundry experience for shop owners and their customers.

Recognising the challenges faced by laundry shop owners, such as unauthorised machine usage, manual sales audits, and limited customer accessibility, Wizher has developed a platform that addresses these pain points. Their machine control feature ensures secure operations by preventing theft, while automated sales tracking eliminates the need for manual audits and saves valuable time. They also prioritise customer convenience by offering a seamless way for them to check their laundry status without having to visit the shop physically.


TradeMonday is the AIaaS Low-code Platform enabling the product, tenant, and shopper recommendations for retailers, brand owners, and shopping malls. The proprietary modularised AI engine turns the consumer data such as product demand, feedback, transactions, and footfall traffic into actionable insight and empowers businesses in simulating top-line growth strategy.

TradeMonday’s smart recommendation engine analyses rich fragmental data sources and converts them into product, tenant and shopper recommendations helping businesses to shorten the development of a customer-centric digital solution and business insight and presented in an easy-to-use interface, API or integration that fits into the client’s needs.


COCOTEL is a chain of 1-3-star hotels, resorts, and beachfront properties that provides quality rooms at a fraction of the cost. From overnight stays to long weekends, come and enjoy the scent of salty sea air, and the comforts of a cool, clean beach haven.

Whether it’s a group of friends planning a small reunion by the seaside, a family vacationing by the shore, or a lone backpacker seeking relaxation in a tropical paradise — COCOTEL has rooms for everyone for a great holiday. Customers can get cosy inside their tranquil tropic-designed, nature-inspired interiors, or a boudoir for a romantic honeymoon. Go for COCOTEL now.


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To be battled out at the 2023 Echelon Asia Summit

Watch out for these exciting startups as they battle it out on the TOP100 pitching stage at the 2023 Echelon Asia Summit happening on June 14-15 at Singapore EXPO.

The Echelon Asia Summit is a leading technology conference that brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry, share expert knowledge, and provide opportunities to network with peers. The event is a must-attend for anyone in the tech industry looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Catch these startups and more at this year’s TOP100 stage! To learn more about Echelon Asia Summit 2023 and to sign up for the event, visit the official page here.

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