10 best invoice generator apps (free invoice templates provided)

10 best invoice generator apps (free invoice templates provided)

In this world of technology, everybody urges for automatic machines that reduce the workload of business. Whether you work online or with an organization, your life pretty much revolves around payments and transactions. Therefore, it is necessary to control the invoice procedures in a more efficient way that deducts the fear of errors.

This article explains how to make an invoice with free invoice software, features, and benefits of WeInvoice along with 9 other invoice generator tools.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice generator is an important payment-record document that the seller gives to the buyer in order to collect the payment. The invoice contains purchases of the buyer along with its mentioned prices or other services rendered to the buyer. Invoices have different forms including online invoices, electronic or handwritten documents that identify all the services and their costs.

An Invoice can be given to the buyer before or after the business transaction. It is a safer way for both buyer and seller parties to get informed about the sold/purchased products. The document also works as proof that ensures both the parties carry out the agreement from their end.

For every transaction, a different invoice ID is granted in the invoice maker. An invoice ID is a unique combination of letters, alphabets, and numbers that represents details of each transaction. In huge businesses, Invoice ID plays an important role in tracking each invoice through its unique ID.

There are various businesses that can utilize the proper and credible way of documenting purchases and transactions. It can be used by the departmental stores to keep the record of all the sales made. Moreover, legal purposes and records of taxes can also be carried out in a significant way via an invoice creator tool.

10 Best Free Invoice Generator

Creating invoices in a modern world is no longer difficult. One can produce legal and free invoice templates with the help of online and electronic invoice simple generators. Here, we have mentioned the 10 best and significant free invoice generators.

  1. WeInvoice - Best Overall Free Invoice Generator
  2. Wave - Free Invoice Generator with Amazing Dashboard
  3. PayPal - Invoice Generator with Precise Payment Methods
  4. Zoho Invoice - Invoice Maker with Simpler Steps
  5. Invoiceto.me - Make Free and Simple Invoices with Seconds
  6. Invoice Quick - Free Invoice Generator with Multiple Features
  7. Invoice At Once - Online Invoice Creator with Free Basic Functions
  8. Square Invoices - Free Invoice Template in Multiple Formats
  9. Free Invoice Generator - Free Invoice Maker with Efficient Features
  10. Invoice Home - Make Invoice Simple and Precise

How to Choose a Good Invoice Maker?

There are a number of invoice makers available for you, but it is essential to identify the good and vital qualities of an invoice generator. Here, the article describes what characteristics should be present in your invoice maker.

  • Expert Invoice and Customer Proceedings

The generator should allow you to take out and integrate information from projects and customer records. The invoice generator must also be capable of summarizing the personal and purchase details of each customer within a single file attached to the database.

  • Tax Reporting and Credit Card Processing

Your invoice software should be capable of performing tax reports without using any external source. This is helpful in terms of time-saving and affluent working. Moreover, it must be efficient enough to support credit card payments as it saves customer’s time from paying money in person.

  • Already-Outlined Templates

Pre-defined and designed templates are helpful in creating bills for established brands. This is the best approach for any business as it shows the professionalism and proficiency of the business brand. These invoicing templates save time and also showcase the brand in the finest way.

  • Customer Support and Facilities

An invoice software makes the billing task easy and error-free. Moreover, if your billing system gets crashed, the software should provide customer support that looks into your matter and solves it.

WeInvoice: Best Overall Free Invoice Generator

WeInvoice is a supreme online web application that generates invoices and adds other relevant and useful information for both buyer and seller. The WeInvoice software adds client details, currency, terms and conditions, and all other information in the invoice.

WeInvoice has been acknowledged by big news brands including TechTimes, iLounge, Mac World, Phandroid, and TechAdvisor, etc. Here, the article will explain the features, benefits, pros, and downside points of WeInvoice in detail.

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WeInvoice Invoice Generator Features

As WeInvoice is recognized as a supreme invoice generator, this is due to the finest and additional features it offers. We have discussed below some of the important key points offered by WeInvoice.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface and Automated Invoicing

The application has an easy-to-navigate interface that helps people to create their invoice templates and edit the created invoices effortlessly. The smooth and user-friendly interface does not complicate the invoice process for users. Moreover, you can also schedule invoices with a fixed date via an automated invoicing feature and send regular invoices to certain customers.

  • Multiple Currency Billing and Language Alternatives

There is a possibility of difficult currency exchanges in international invoices. Therefore, WeInvoice supports multiple currencies and their exchanges. Furthermore, WeInvoice depicts professionalism and provides the functionality of different languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can entertain your overseas clients by WeInvoice with no difficulty.

  • Invoice Tracking and Detailed Receipts

The application keeps the record of ingoing and outgoing invoices. It also tracks the invoices in real-time and informs the user when the document was viewed. Another promising feature of WeInvoice includes extensive invoice receipts that allow the user to add as many details as he wants. This includes the client’s name, address, contact information, taxes, and details of provided services.

  • Personalized Invoices and Secure connection

You can add your own logo, given assistance, company details, customer’s details, and payment terms on the customized invoice document. Moreover, you can access WeInvoice from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any available device. It establishes a secure connection and helps to handle finances at any time.

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What Makes WeInvoice Unique

Besides providing the best invoice features, WeInvoice holds various unique benefits for users that make it a distinctive and stand-out option for invoice generating purposes. Following are the key points that are provided by revolutionary invoice maker WeInvoice.

  • Invoice Templates in Different Formats

You can design your invoice templates with commonly-used word processing programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. This helps in creating stylish and structured invoice templates by using multiple built-in features of the programs. You can create or edit your business invoice in these formats and download them easily.

  • Multiple Invoice Prototypes and Transparent Conditions

There are multiple invoice templates offered by WeInvoice. You can select the customized prototype of invoice from their business invoice templates, attorney legal invoice templates, and tax invoice templates, etc. Moreover, you can add your terms and conditions to the invoice in your preferable way. It will help your company to look more professional.

  • Sense of Professionalism and Reduced Effort

Generating invoices via WeInvoice creates an impression due to its aligned format and details of the company, which adds to the integrity of the business. Moreover, the application retrieves the prior information while composing the template. Hence, it creates the invoice within a short period of time.

  • Online Sharing with Multiple People

After creating the desired invoice document, the next privilege that WeInvoice provides is the online sharing of the template with many people. You are allowed to email the document directly, download the PDF format for attachment, or copy the URL and send it from any platform to your target person.

WeInvoice Pros & Cons

WeInvoice does not stop providing services just at additional features and benefits. There are multiple pros offered by the software. Here, the article states assistance of the software accompanying its downside point. You can also read this WeInvoice review article to know more about it.

Advantages of WeInvoice

  • WeInvoice provides 3 free invoices and estimates before you upgrade for unlimited invoices.
  • It saves user’s time and enhances the effectiveness in handling finances and purchases.
  • This web-based online application works on any device, including Windows, Mac, or mobile devices.
  • Invoices made through WeInvoice are protected with 256-bit HTTPS encrypted server systems. The software ensures the safety of customer’s data.

Negatives of WeInvoice

  • The application can only be accessed online and does not offer a desktop version. This is problematic for users who have weak or no internet service.

The article shall also focus upon the other best free invoice generators apart from WeInvoice that have been mentioned above. The following explanation displays the important features offered across each tool to the users.

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Wave: Free Invoice Generator with Amazing Dashboard

Wave is a cloud-based invoice and accounting software. It is the most suitable invoice application for both small businesses and freelancers. This software has an all-in-one packing that helps in invoicing, accounting, billing, receipt scanning, and payment tracking. With its accounting feature, you can receive a brief detail of all your expenses.

Moreover, the invoicing tool allows adding the company’s logo along with terms and conditions. The receipt scanner works on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can integrate with different platforms like Zapier and PayPal, etc. The payroll services of Wave cost $20 to $35 per month, and additional bookkeeping services cost $129 per month.

PayPal: Invoice Generator with Precise Payment Methods

PayPal is undoubtedly a widely-used invoice generator. It works as a virtual bank that encourages the worldwide purchasing experience and conceals the credit card information of the user. This software provides security and integration with multiple platforms and marketplaces. It creates instant invoices for users and notifies about invoices and transactions consistently.

The application is available for both iOS and Android users. You can edit the prior invoices and promptly create invoices by pulling the record of "Recent Customers." PayPal is free to use for generating invoices, but its payment processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Zoho Invoice: Invoice Maker with Simpler Steps

Zoho invoice is an application that works widely on Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android software. The automated feature saves from the repetitive task of data entry and keeping an eye on who has paid. You can set up an email alert when the invoice is created or is unpaid. The automated feature also calculates the fee and adds discounts to the invoice.

Zoho Invoice has an easy-to-navigate interface along with professional and downloadable invoices. It supports multiple currencies and languages. The free version of Zoho allows invoices up to 5 customers, and its basic plan costs $90 per year, offering 500 invoices.

Invoiceto.me: Make Free and Simple Invoices with Seconds

Invoiceto.me is an online free invoice generator. This software allows you to add the company name and address, the client’s name, his phone number, address, invoice number, and your contact information. The invoice maker assists in making aligned rows that address the services and their cost. At the bottom, the total amount will be calculated.

With Invoiceto.me, you can add multiple rows. However, as the software is free of cost hence, it misses out on many important features. It does not support the addition and deletion of rows. Moreover, you cannot add automatic currency, taxes, and discounts to your invoice.

Invoice Quick: Free Invoice Generator with Multiple Features

Invoice Quick is an online free invoice generator that saves the hassle and creates invoice documents quickly. The agile characteristic of Invoice Quick includes multiple invoice templates. You can add your additional information in these customized templates.

Another superlative feature allows the user to calculate and adjust his finances. You can view your transactions and expenses from month to month on the dashboard. However, Invoice Quick does not have any mobile applications. It provides a 30-day free trial on a professional plan and costs $9 per month for unlimited services.

Invoice At Once: Online Invoice Creator with Free Basic Functions

Invoice At once is a 100% free invoice generator for small businesses and freelancers. You can fill out the template, add your logo, slogan company details, and click on the email tab to send the invoice via email. However, you cannot track your invoice and get your payment. It offers multiple colors and fonts.

Moreover, it allows you to add taxes, discounts, paid amounts, and shipping details in the document. Invoice At Once enables you to add or delete rows, but you cannot do so with columns. The software supports different currencies for overseas users or customers.

Square Invoices: Free Invoice Template in Multiple Formats

Square Invoices enable the user to schedule and synchronize his online and in-person payments. The software enables you to accept in-person payments or post-payments from an invoice. Moreover, you can generate your item library for services and products. It will save you from contradictory naming conventions and speed up your invoice creation process.

You can add your company logo, hide or display your address and view transaction details from the dashboard. However, there is no support for mobile applications. The standard version of the software is forever free. The professional plan offers a 30-days free trial and $9 per month afterwards.

Free Invoice Generator: Free Invoice Maker with Efficient Features

Free Invoice Generator is a web-based online invoice generator tool. It lets the user create, send the invoice documents to clients and accept online payment without requiring to log in or even sign up for the application. You can create invoices and send them to your client's email address. You can also add payment links to PayPal and SquareCash etc.

It also tracks your time and Timesheet within seconds. Moreover, if you don’t clear your cookies and re-use the invoice generator, it retrieves the current invoice number, your preferred payment method, and email address.

Invoice Home: Make Invoice Simple and Precise

Invoice Home adds professionalism to your invoice documents via its attractive features. You can also edit the built-in customized templates and generate the document that meets your company requirements. It supports the addition of taxes and discounts. Moreover, the software works with 4 different languages and 150 distinct currencies.

PCI compliance data security encrypts the personal data of users. Moreover, you can also retrieve the information by copying the data from existing invoices. The unlimited invoicing costs $5 per month and offers unlimited invoices with no obligatory contacts.


The article has concluded a detailed review of 10 free invoice software along with WeInvoice. Complete information regarding the features, benefits, pros, and cons of WeInvoice is also described in the article. The article also enlightens the abilities that an invoice creator must hold in it.

Anybody looking for a valuable invoice generator that supports additional beneficial features will be delighted and assisted by the article.

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